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The Forming Of Experience Of Equality And Learning Community

Posted on:2005-08-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H MaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360125961354Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Equality is one of the aims that not only modern society but also modern education pursue. In this dissertation, equality mainly refers to how to realize equality in the process of teaching, especially in a class. Or in another word, it refers to how to study classes and their teaching from the point of equality.At school or in classrooms, equality not only means treating equally but also unequally/differently. In order to treat every student as equals, the classroom must be made a learning community, in which everyone is equal and included, performs the principle of equal participation: making decision all together, taking part in some activities jointly, interacting with, coacting and respecting each other, raising trust, understanding and friendliness.Being treated as equals means not being discriminated, excluded or stratified by teacher and classmates. Thus it can improve the students' self-esteem, self-confidence and emotion to school and other people.For teachers, treating students as equals means 'generalized' respecting to everyone and balancing attention to difference and commonality. That is, equality of consideration and difference of treatment is combined. Difference principle is to treat students equally but differently.Treating students as equals should make a student feel be treated equally. So teachers should adjust their activities according to students' need, their individuality and their responses.Teachers can give students equal opportunities through some instructive strategies, such as question-answer strategy, cooperative-learning strategy and assessment. For example, teacher must evaluate student properly, transcending the grade and achievement that have been acquired by students. Through assessment, students can know not only how to do but also how to do confidently.Equal opportunity is one of the basic principles for treating students. But in order to help some students who have dropped behind temporarily, teacher must spend more time on students' achievement through which they can improve their self-efficiency. It is the justice of teaching and education.In a word, equal treatment in classrooms means letting a student live in friendly family, where teachers are parents and classmates are brothers or sisters.
Keywords/Search Tags:sense of equality, self-worth/Self-esteem, learning community
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