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Research On Undergraduate Education Quality Of China Research Universities

Posted on:2006-01-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360152491183Subject:Higher Education
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The present thesis has adopted the research method of empirical research and normative study, as well as the combinative means of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. The study puts forward the quality view and the quality standard of undergraduate education during the massification period of China' research universities in higher education. An exploratory investigation has been made on the key elements of undergraduate education quality in China's research universities. Based on the comparative analysis of education quality status of research universities in developed countries worldwide, and the quality status of national research universities, the present study presents quality improvement strategies and clues for undergraduate education in our national research universities. The thesis is made up of three parts.Introduction, Chapter One and Chapter Two form Part One, involving a theoretical investigation on undergraduate education quality in China's research universities. Introduction presents the background knowledge and the research questions of the present study, and sums up the existing studies on the present subject. It also explains the significance of the present study and defines some of its basic concepts. The methodology and the research object have also been presented. Chapter One analyses the quality view on the reality of massification of higher education, and the restraining factors of higher education quality. Additionally, it discusses the status and function of undergraduate education in the period of massification of higher education, illustrating three categories of quality view on China's research university elites, general education, and characteristic education. After discussing the unity and diversity of undergraduate education quality criteria, as well as the foundation and the nature of research undergraduate education, Chapter Two presents the value orientation of quality criteria for China's research undergraduate education and its corresponding quality criteria system.Chapter Three and Chapter Four belong to Part Two, and this part is composed by comparative analysis and current studies. Chapter Three presents a comparative analysis of the predominance of research undergraduate education quality, its existent questions, its reformative policy and its developing trend in the representative developed countries worldwide like America, Europe and Japan, analyzing the inspiration of research university quality improvement proceeding of the developed countries towards our country. Choosing six research universities as samples, Chapter Four presents a description of the present status of our national research undergraduate education quality, analyses the variations of its school running scale, its disciplinary professional structure, its scientific research, its school running condition, its teaching staff and its fountain of students, and sums up the acquired development and the existent principal problem of quality improvement of research universities. Chapter Four sets up a foundation for expanding of Part Three.Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven and Chapter Eight constitute Part Three, which provides applied research on strategy analysis of quality improvement of China's research undergraduate education, its selection and its operation. Based on the analysis of the concept of talent cultivation mode, the confronted challenges, and the history evolution of our national talent cultivation mode of research universities, Chapter Five explores the target orientation of our national talent cultivation of research universities, its cultivation quality specification, its cultivation plan and its cultivation approach. Chapter Six discusses the characteristics of our national research undergraduate courses, as well as the aim, the organization and the content of courses. It introduces the future trend of research undergraduate course reformation. Based on an analysis of the connotation of research university teaching model and its history evolution, Chapter Seven explodes the fundame...
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