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Research On University Institutions In The Governance Perspective

Posted on:2007-09-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360212970856Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Although originating from the issues of enterprises, the notion of Governing exists in any form of organizations. Introducing Governing into the university institutions means designing a suit of institutions with which the goal of university can be fulfilled and efficiency of the university can be maximized when the stakeholders of university pursue their own goal. What makes Governing different with the general researchers of Institutions is that it emphasizes the"self-enforcing"of institutions with its solid interplay framework.Being a society organization, modern university creates some merit which is the jumping-off of logical analysis. And as a triune knowledge organization of research, education and servings, its core value is the profound knowledge. Characteristics of the knowledge, knowledge action and human capital decided by the Characteristics give shape to the characters of university institutions: a university needs to be governed by a nonprofit organization mode, to be cored by a incompact organization mode. And the diversity of university institutions is deduced by the society structure which it's in.The actions of modern university lie not only on the teacher and scholar's working but also on the character of multifactor and co-working. Therefore the mode of university institutions co-governed by stakeholder substitute for the traditional simple mode which governed by the professors. Stakeholders do not indicate the universality relatives, but the"stake caster".From the view of the stakeholders, university institutions can divide into such two parts as interior and exterior, which is different from the interior and exterior of an organization. The interior of University institutions means the mutual action and gaming of stakeholders influence Governing, while the content of exterior governing evaluated by unilateral laws for universities, government and market.The main study innovation is as follows:1.From the governing perspective, it is concluded that university system is one kind of paradigm innovation, surmounting the traditional research empirical formula description; by unified analysis frame, governing research is introduced into education domain.2.The characteristic of university governing is analyzed with the SCP frame,...
Keywords/Search Tags:Governing, University Institutions, stakeholder, Knowledge organizations
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