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Research On The Evaluation Of University Teacher's Knowledge Effectiveness

Posted on:2009-01-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360272470236Subject:Science of Science and Technology Management
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With the emergence of knowledge-based economy, university teachers play an important role in knowledge creation, processing, dissemination and application. In the individual level, university teachers need to adopt a scientific evaluation on knowledge activities to impose the personal knowledge management effectively; in the organizational level, universities need to establish a scientific and rational evaluation system and methods to perform the function of effective measurement on knowledge production, dissemination and application of the university teachers, furthermore to improve the level of construction and management of teacher resource and the overall capacity of university knowledge ability continuously.The paper focuses on the problem of evaluation on university teachers' knowledge effectiveness. At first, the author uses theory of Intelligent Complex Adaptive Systems and knowledge systems engineering approaches integrated; analyzes the relations of knowledge activity between individual and organizational levels; proposes the principle for evaluation based on knowledge effectiveness; defines the conceptual framework of the university teacher's knowledge effectiveness based on the researches of knowledge management and education on teachers; analyzes the scopes and sources of university teacher's evaluation. At last, the author establishes a theoretical framework for the university teacher's knowledge effectiveness evaluation.Secondly, by using the theory of systematical evaluation, the author proposes principles on university teacher's knowledge evaluation; analyzes the relations of university teacher's knowledge effectiveness with traditional university teacher evaluation and with university evaluation; analyzes indicators of university teacher's knowledge effectiveness systematically. Then, the author builds up a system of indicators and impact factors.Thirdly, based on comparing and analyzing the methods of knowledge management, scimetrics and systems engineering, the author establishes an evaluative method system for multi-indicator integrated, including method of Delphi, Grey-level Evaluation, Scimetrics, Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation, Analytical Hierarchy Process and Efficacy Coefficient.Finally, the author performs a case study in the research university achieving a three-dimensional comprehensive evaluation on university teachers.
Keywords/Search Tags:University teacher, Knowledge effectiveness, Intelligent Complex Adaptive System, Knowledge management
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