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On The Resources Integration In Construction And Development Of Rural Community

Posted on:2015-09-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1226330428969780Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Rural modernization can not leave the farmers’living conditions and lifestyle changes, which marks a new kind of life style and mode of production and make the farmers enjoy more and more convenient public services in rural community. As a new social life community, the rural community is a new kind of living space, a new social field. Its construction and development process is restricted by all kinds of resources and environmental conditions. Effective resource integration is the inevitable requirement of rural community construction and development. Due to all kinds of irrational allocation of resources, low efficiency caused by inadequate integration, the effective utilization of resources restricted by waste greatly, especially in the case of limited resources, resources can not be effectively integrated, which greatly influences the rural community construction and development. It shows that the process of community construction is slow, the construction of the main body enthusiasm is not high, community alignment is low, and many other aspects. From the practice, inefficient resource integration can not make the policy play the best effect and inefficient resource use can not create proper value which is not fully integrated community construction and a variety of forces in development involved in the construction. In order to change rural landscape further, break the urban and rural binary division of social structure, realize the integration between urban and rural areas and urban and rural integration development, and promote the realization of social fairness and justice, it is a must to optimize the integration of rural community of all kinds of resources.Based on research sample of eastern regions in Henan province, this paper chooses three typical communities to observe microscopically and studies the problems of resource integration in construction and development of rural community, meanwhile, it defines the types of resource in rural community reasonably and explores the restraining factors of resources integration in rural community and establishes the principles for resources integration in construction and development of rural community. Based on the research, it further puts forward the proper way to meet the requirements of the rural community construction and development and achieve the optimal allocation of resources.This paper consists of eight chapters. Chapter one is introduction. It mainly introduces the significance of the research, some important research results both at home and abroad, meanwhile it also defines the related concepts accurately and illustrates its theorical foundations. Chapter two is the process of rural community construction and development. It mainly introduces the experience of rural community development abroad and the different stages, construction model and characteristics of rural community construction in our own country. Chapter three mainly analyzes five types of resources, such as natural, economic, political, social and cultural resources; furthermore, it gives the details about the constitution of each resource.Chapter four focuses on the meaning and principles of resource integration. Chapter five mainly analyzes the present situation, problems and its reasons in the construction and development of rural community. Chapter six is the empirical research based on three typical communities’ resource integration in eastern region of He Nan province, such as Yongcheng Sunny Community (the resettlement housing), Xiayi Longhewang Community (traditional agriculcural type) and Yucheng Limin Central Community (enterprise promoting). Chapter seven puts forward the proper way of the resource integration in construction and development of rural community based on the analysis of resource integration model and its characteristics. Chapter eight is summary of this article has details of the study and to look into the future direction of the research made a further looking.This paper mainly discusses the problems and the proper way to realize resource integration in construction and development of rural community from the perspective of system theory. According to different stages of rural social development, this paper summarizes three integration mode, such as linear, planar and network integration. It points out network integration is the most effective method among three modes, and puts forward to the way to realize the network integration. It gives a full play to the government, farmers, marketing and social organizations and other main participants, establish and perfect the system of resource integration mechanism involved in the main body of society and integrate the natural resources, economic resources, political resources, social resources and cultural resources into an organic unity, which provides lasting power to establish a vibrant community of modern life and promote the harmonious development of urban and rural integration, the realization of social fairness and justice. Guided by the scientific development concept and the rule of law concept, this paper has an important theoretical significance and practical value in speeding up the process of rural community, fastening the rural community construction and development, forming the good social order, to achieve political benefits, economic benefits and social benefits of organic unity, and promoting socialist new rural construction, so as to improve rural social rapid, healthy and coordinated development.
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