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The Research Of Rural Community Construction In Shouguang City Under The Integration Of Urban And Rural Areas

Posted on:2015-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467956530Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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After entering the new century, China’s rapid economic and social development,makes the countryside face all day had very big change, and the government graduallyrealized the importance of rural development, increase rural overall construction. However,the vast rural basic public service level and infrastructure and compared to the city there isstill a large gap, in order to better promote the rural development, integrate socialresources,our country puts forward the construction of rural communities,rural communitycan effectively break our country of the existing basic service level of urban and ruraldualization of situation and realize urban and rural basic public services equalization.Although put forward the policy of the rural community construction in China, but onlygive a general guidelines and policies, and requirements according to particular case isparticular analysis of the various provinces and cities, this paper takes as the ruralcommunity construction as the research object, through the study of rural communities inShouguang rural community construction of the current situation and existing problems ofsummary analysis, and analyze the causes of the problem finally put forward thecorresponding countermeasures.This paper is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter mainly for domestic andforeign research present situation, the research background, purpose, significance,research methods and innovation points; The second chapter the design basis of constructionof rural community and rural narrative and principles; The third chapter on the actualsituation of Shouguang rural community construction, practice and achievements of detail;The fourth chapter analyzes problems in Shouguang rural construction, from the inherentproblems of the farmers,the government,funds and analysis;The fifth chapter analyze thestudy of Shouguang rural community problem; Chapter vi to solve these problems andcauses of put forward the corresponding countermeasures and Suggestions, respectivelyfrom farmers, governments and their countermeasures, legal system construction. The lastchapter7summarized for this article.In the construction of a well-off society, harmonious civilization by relying on theintegration of urban and rural,to effectively solve the "three rural issues" in China,not only speed up the adjustment of agricultural industrialization, enhancing the farmers’ income,promote rural economic development, as well as the overall layout between urban and ruralareas in China set the tone. This article through to Shouguang vegetable township of ruralcommunity construction as an example, based on the actual situation of Shouguang, theshortcoming of existing model of community construction found analysis, put forward thenew type of community construction, this not only is a great attempt to Shouguang, at thesame time will have important significance to other areas in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:ShouGuang City, integration of urban and rural areas, the rural communityconstruction
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