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Research On The Construction Of Rural Community From The Perspective Of Urban And Rural Integration

Posted on:2017-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503460050Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The eighteen Party Congress report clearly put forward the development idea of "integration of urban and rural areas of the four modernizations". With the rapid development of economy and society in China, the urban community has got the full advantage of resources in the development process. Subject to urban and rural two yuan structure, compared with the development of urban community construction in the process of building a relatively late in the process of building a variety of difficulties. From the Fifth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee put forward requirements of building a new socialist countryside, the party and the government has always attached great importance to the "three rural issues", the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for many years to publish a central file, stressed the importance of "three rural issues" in China’s socialist modernization construction period "top heavy" status. The new rural community construction is the new rural construction requirements of the specific, the construction of new rural community is to promote urban and rural integration,promote China’s rural economic development and harmonious social development of important measures, but also to get rid of urban and rural two yuan system, improve the quality of life in rural areas, the fundamental way.China’s Central Committee attaches great importance to the construction of new rural communities, the new rural community construction is the integration of urban and rural development, the entry point to promote the integration of urban and rural areas, and promote the growth of rural development, and actively promote the construction of new rural communities in rural areas as an important part of rural social construction, in the process of development has achieved certain results.However, in the process of actively promoting the rural community construction is also facing many problems, because of the economic conditions, living customs and other practical factors, the construction of rural communities is not balanced development trend, the construction of the problem is also diversified, Overall,toimprove the rural community construction is conducive to improving the living environment, improving the quality of life, saving land resources, ensuring the basic living rights and interests, strengthening the social management of the party and the state, and gradually narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, urban and rural development, urban and rural integration, to strengthen the construction of socialist new countryside, promote the construction of socialist harmonious society.In the process of building a new rural community, the construction of rural community building in a part of our country has a distinctive feature, which has a creative point in the planning and construction. Foreign countries in the practice of rural community construction is also a certain experience, it is worth our reference and reflection. The correct analysis of the current situation of China’s new rural community construction, facing difficulties, learn from the advanced experience of rural community construction, according to China’s specific conditions, put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, for us to grasp the future orientation of rural community construction, solve the "three rural" issues, to accelerate the construction of socialist new countryside has important theoretical and practical significance.
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