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Research On Rural Community Construction In The Process Of Urban - Rural Integration

Posted on:2016-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330461485984Subject:Administrative management
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Urban and rural development is the solution to the current situation of China’s new "Three Rural Issues" fundamental approach is to implement the scientific concept of development, a comprehensive well-off society in an inevitable requirement to build. The rural community development is our country’s economic and social transformation and development is an important new phase of practical content, is an important carrier and vigorously promote the construction of new socialist countryside is an important measure to promote the integration of urban and rural development objectives. Continuously push forward the process of urbanization in rural community development, both to accelerate social and economic development in rural areas, and promote overall social progress in rural areas, but also to improve production and living conditions in rural areas, improve the living standards of rural residents, building a harmonious socialist countryside.The main topic in the perspective of urban-rural integration, to study all aspects of domestic and theoretical basis, from both theoretical and practical aspects of in-depth analysis and research on rural community development.Mainly in rural communities under construction in Wuxi Yanqiao street as an example, the analysis of the current situation in the process of urbanization and rural community development bottlenecks, and explore the various safeguards in the process of urbanization of rural community development. In summarizing the analysis based on the proposed countermeasures and suggestions, sum up experience and lessons learned, to promote the integration of urban and rural community development in rural areas to provide research and reference.I think: community development in rural areas, not only to integrate the community as well as the various types of resources, and constantly strengthen community functions, the government’s public service and administration extended to the rural grassroots, truly equalization of public services; and also to the village party village core, while fully play the role of villagers’ autonomous management, mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to develop their initiative and creativity, relying on their strength, and gradually improve production and living conditions; and the need to further improve the participation of farmers political awareness and encourage the farmers to actively participate in the management of community among actively express their own wishes and reasonable demands, in self-management, self-education, self-service, self-monitoring of large atmosphere, and constantly improve the villager autonomy mechanism, so as to better to promote the overall development and progress of rural economy and society, in order to realize the coordinated development of urban and rural society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Integration of Urban and Rural Areas, Rural Community Construction, Coordinated Development1, Public Service
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