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To Clear Of Technology Philosophy In The Perspective Of Technology Education

Posted on:2013-08-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1227330395953038Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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At present, technology education still does not get the respect that it should deserve. People’s views towards it are still one-sided, narrowed and distorted. Although the reasons are complex and multiple, it is undenable that the reasons for why technology education can’t root in people’s deep heart due to is from itself-lacking of necessary reflection and inquiry to the meta-question:technology. Until now, technology is still viewed as a neutral tool, or at most the application of the scientific discovery. This "barren" cognition of technology can’t discern the existence of technical education, and alsoeven can’t find its soul for technology education. This situation forces us to "return to technology itself" and reflect technical education fundamentally from the infinite horizon that technology philosophy opens.Philosophy of Technology is not only limited to the branch philosophy, but an independent domain of philosophy. At the branch philosophy level, whether engineering philosophy of technology or humanity philosophy of technology can not be the philosophical foundation of technology education. Only remodeled by new vision and structure, two kinds of technology philosophy can achieve fusion and build the thinking framework for the research of technology education philosophy through multiple ways.Body of technology is no longer closing static, instrumental, and a solid world beyond human but the open, dynamic, meaningful, the open and clear world that has inner relation with human essence. In this context, the imagination of technology education can be stimulated the fullest extent.With the help of interpretation space and reasoning power, we discover that brink situation of technology education has its profound epistemological origin, but its lost status is not predestined. Analyzed with the frame of technology and existence, technology education once had the "at home" twilight state. However, since the middle ages, especially the "technopoly" from the20century, technology education’s ontological way has changed from the "original integrity to "subject and object dualism". In this case, the contemporary education technology should choose which path to follow? Maybe returning to integration is its reasonable choice. The revealing of ontological way is not only helpful to poke the technology body that shrouded in mist of "Instrumentalism", but also lays a unique value pursuit of technology education. And what technology education provides is such an education field in which the whole process technical learning activities-design, make, using and evaluation are associated with the human body and mind, awakens people’s creative spirit, realizes human being’s union of truth, goodness and beauty, and helps learners to face the technology world by an ethical attitude.So we will no longer analyze technology from the experience level, but open the epistemology horizon of technology in the human existence ontology context to realize the reflection and restructure of the target, content, method etc. of technology education.All of this research, just a prelude.
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