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Research On Supply Efficiency Of Chinese Higher Education

Posted on:2015-03-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1227330452450547Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Higher education, source of modern economic development of intelligence andmain support of the modern international competitiveness, undertakes the significantresponsibility of personnel training. Based on the public goods theory and the highereducation economics theory, this paper expounds the functions and attributes ofhigher education. It discribes the differences between the supply and production ofthe higher education and compares the characteristics of three kinds of highereducation supply modes and troubles. It reveals the mechanism of higher educationsupply. It combines the Chinese higher education development with the evolution ofthe supply modes, finding out the bottleneck of supply of higher education in China.It constructs the evaluation index system of higher education supply efficiency andsuper efficiency DEA evaluation model, and has carried on the comprehensiveevaluation to Chinese higher education supply efficiency. It summarizes usefulexperiences of foreign higher education supplies and finally gives thecountermeasures and suggestions to improve efficiency in China’s higher educationsupply. The full text core content is as follows:First of all, the dissertation constructs analyzing frame of the supply efficiencyof higher education evaluation theory and reveals the mechanism of higher educationsupply. Through the interpretation of the functions and properties of higher education,it expounds higher education’s product attributes. From the perspective of supply anddemand of higher education it further improves the theory of higher educationproduct market. Supply system of higher education. From the Angle of the powersupply mechanism and operational mechanism it abstracts the supply model of highereducation, which, under the specific social background, is a complex dynamic systemdominated by the government, enterprises and other supply subjects, driven byexternal power, the endogenous power, made up of three link investment, productionand consumption.Secondly, the dissertation reveals higher education supply’s evolutionalmechanism. The path of evolution of the supply of higher education is the epitome ofthe development of higher education, but also the supply of higher education development direction indicator. Evolution of higher education supply experiences3stages-elite education, mass education and universal education. In each stage,evolution characteristics are correlated withdynamic mechanism of the evolution ofhigher education. Evolution of higher education supply mechanism is composed ofinternal factors like the main body’s incentive factors and external environment likepolicy changes, which interact with each other to form a dynamic evolutionphilosophy innovation consciousness.Thirdly, based on the design of the comprehensive evaluation index system ofefficiency of China’s higher education supply, the dissertation finds out the inefficientprovinces’ pecific reasons of higher education supply. Based on data envelopmentanalysis (DEA) and the status quo and characteristics of China’s higher education, itconstructs the comprehensive evaluation index system of higher education supplyefficiency. Then, it establishes a more scientific super efficiency DEA model inChinese higher education supply, that is, HE-SE-DEA model, which overallyassesses developments of China’s higher education and the efficiency of supply. Thepaper shows that most of super efficiency DEA evaluation of China’s31provinces’higher education supply is effective, but the efficiency is not high and is regionallyimbalanced. The results show that scale economy decreases in most of central andeastern regions while scale economy increases in western regions. The overall scaleeconomy is poor. In provinces whose super efficiency DEA evaluation is invalid,most have the problem of unnecessary input and insufficient output.Finally, the dissertation gives feasible and practical countermeasures andsuggestions to improve efficiency in China’s higher education supply. Based on thecurrent situation of China’s higher education supply mode and efficiency of empiricalevaluation conclusion, combining with the experiences of foreign higher educationsupply, the paper suggests constructing multivariate supply mode of China highereducation; constructing innovation integrated mechanism of higher education;promoting modernization of the higher education’s governing system; andimplementing fine internal performance management of colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher education, Supply mechanism, Super efficiency DEA, Efficiency evaluation
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