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Research On The Talent Training And Quality Assurance Mechanism In Newly-built Local Institutes

Posted on:2016-10-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Since our country expanded higher education in 1999, a batch of newly-built local institutes through merged or upgraded become the new force in our country’s higher education. Newly-built local institutes are products of new university movement, their appearance especially belongs to the times and social background. Since the twelfth five year plan, the change of economic trend as well as the third technology put forward new requirement about talent training, especially newly-built institutes confront the problem of the quality of talent training, because they undertake the task of afford talent to construct and develop local economy. Weather they can set the standard of talent training correctly decide their continuous development. The thesis used literature consultation、analysis and comparison、case analysis comprehensively to clear off the current situation of newly-built local institutes, confirmed the basic standards of talent training、put forward the main path for talent quality promotion, analyzed talent training quality assurance system construction under the background of separation of management school-running and appraisal. Through the research of talent training quality and quality assurance of newly-built institutes can provide basic theoretical direction for they to set their talent training target and quality standard. It can also help them to respond to government requirements to enhance their administrative ability, it especially enlightenment them how to serve local economy、enhance their competitiveness and realize sustainable development.Through analysis development progress and talent training system of newly-built local institutes, I found the current problems newly-built local institutes faced were: the crisis of identity recognition; teaching staff could not meet their requirement; education funds were insufficient; quality appraisal disordered. The main influencing factors of the dilemma are ideas lag behind、obstacles in systems and structural limitation. So the correct talent training orientation of newly-built local institutes should focus on individual development characteristics、requirement from social development stage; the basic principle should mix adaptation and surpass、generalists and specialists、generality and individuality; the main target should be adult personality、local characteristic、application ability and innovative quality.On the problem of talent training, newly-built local institutes、government and society has interest relationships. Development target of local government will influence institutes’ talent training standards, and appraisal of local government’s value orientation、processes of implementation and evaluation conclusion would have significant restriction on newly-built local institutes about school running qualification resources occupation、development target and talent training quality. At the same time, social recognition would influence formation of institutes talent training standards, it takes effects through intervention of interest groups and social intermediate organization. Traditional colleges have demonstration effects to newly-built local institutes, and the similar institutes make homogenize competition, and talent training model of higher vocational colleges will also intervent. So, under influences of government society and colleges, newly-built institutes should insist the idea of adaptation and surpass.The significance of talent training quality is self-evident, so seek the path and mechnism to promote talent training quality become the key for newly-built local institutes. The essay through analyse finds out three ways to ptomote newly-built local institutes’talent training quality, they are:the first is advancing path from top to bottum which is took through government’s policies and regulations as well as demonstration and extension; the second is bounding path from exterior to interior which is influencial comes from outside world promote them to promote talent training quality; the third is rediated from interior to exterior that newly-built local institutes would learn from those brotherly-colleges or provincial university who had got successful experience on talent quality promotion. The promotion of talent training quality in newly-built local institutes should adapt to modern times, they should transform from qualification got centered to ability development centered、 from teaching centered to student centered、from school centered to social network centered. The innovation of talent training quality promotion system could pay attention to these four aspects, they are the perfection and innovation of institutes governance structure and system, continuous trainingof characteristics about disciplines and specialities、encourage students’personality.The seperation of administration、school-running and appraisal clear out relationship between government、society and university, it affords chances for local institutes to build and innovate their talent training quality assurance system,it also afford logistics fulcrum and analytical framework to their talent training quality assurance system build. Historical development and current situationof talent training quality assurance system in western university also afford significant enlightment to newly-built local institutes. According to the seperation administration、 school-running and appraisal environment,the essay analyses from three aspects they are external quality assurance system which characteristic is multibalance co-administration、internal quality assurance system which characteristic is self-administration and comprehensive coordinate talent training quality assurance system, it raises and analyse the design of newly-built local institutes talent training quality assurance system, discusses the innovation of newly-built local institutes talent training quality assurance system.
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