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Research On The Characteristics Of Internal Quality Assurance System Of Talent Cultivation In Universities Of Applied Technology

Posted on:2020-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330590450802Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Since the 1980 s,the quality of education has been the focus of higher education and one of the difficulties in higher education reform.As higher education enters the stage of popularization,and in the context of China's economic system reform and the fundamental transformation of economic growth mode,the contradiction between the requirement of economic and social development for high-level talents and the quality of higher education personnel training has emerged.The quality of talent training has become the key to the competition and occupation of superiority among universities in the process of popularization of higher education.The quality of talent training is directly related to the quality of talents and the competitiveness of graduates.Therefore,improving the quality of personnel training is the eternal theme of colleges and universities,and it is also the fundamental goal and primary task pursued by higher education management.The universities of applied technology are a type of undergraduate university.Those are developed through transformation or upgrading in order to meet the needs of regional economic and social development and industrial upgrading.The orientation of running a school is to cultivate applied technical talents,and its training highlights practical,applied and innovative capabilities.Compared with ordinary undergraduate colleges,the talent training of applied sciences universities have the characteristics of practicality and application;compared with higher vocational colleges,they have industry and professional characteristics.At this stage,China's universities of applied technology are still undergoing transformation and development,and the quality assurance system for personnel training in ordinary undergraduate university is basically followed.Therefore,this study takes the intrinsic quality assurance of talent training in China University of Applied Sciences as the research object,and comprehensively uses literature analysis,case analysis and questionnaire survey,and takes the Total Quality Management,the Hazard Analysis Critical Point and CIPP evaluation mode as theoretical support.By analyzing their talent training objectives and characteristics,the purpose is to make the universities of applied technology highlight their own characteristics on the basis of the quality assurance system of higher education.Combining with field visits and investigations,we will find common problems in the quality of personnel training in the emergence of applied sciences universities,and propose the implementation path and policy measures for the quality assurance of talents in applied technology universities from the system level.The purpose is to improve the orientation of the school and the characteristics of running a school in the process of perfecting the quality assurance system for talent training.The quality assurance of personnel training in the universities of applied technology requires the cooperation of all teachers and students to work together.Based on regional economic and social development,to cultivate applied technical talents with practical ability,application ability and innovation ability.Optimize funding input,allocate systems,expand sources of funding,increase laboratories,and practice base construction investment.At the same time,strengthen the construction of dual-teacher training system and improve teaching conditions.We will update the system concept,improve the construction of teaching system with teaching as the core,highlight the current situation of practical teaching,and improve the system of talent training.Renew the system concept,improve the construction of the teaching system centered on teaching,highlight the status of practical teaching,and improve the institutional guarantee of talent training.Deepen the reform and innovation of the talent cultivation process,deepen the integration of production and education,and cooperate with industry,university and research institutes.Establish an independent teaching quality supervision team and improve the quality evaluation and monitoring system for personnel training.Accordingly,make the quality assurance system highlight the characteristics of the application technology university,and provide all-round protection for improving the quality of applied technology talents.
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