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The Dual Interpretation Of Urban Poverty:The View Of Structure And Culture

Posted on:2017-01-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Poverty is always a topic associated with human development. In the process of rapid economic development, urban poverty becomes a hug social problem, which affects not only the people’s living but also the development of society, eventually even the integrity of society. The paper researches about urban poverty in structural and cultural perspectives with in-depth qualitative analysis by focusing in shanghai,especially the structural change and different culture elements how to affects the face of urban poverty, in order to find the way to anti-poverty.This study discusses the findings and focus on the following three aspects:1. The urban poverty always is determined by the dual role of structure and culture.In the study, the researcher uses the tool of "Process-Mechanism–Strategy-logic" by Professor Sun liping and builds a dual interpretation framework of structure and culture, which explains the evolution of urban poverty, the reason of urban poverty and the coping strategy of the individual and the nation. Economic power, the welfare system and social forces which is structural interpretation of urban poverty; values, behavior and lifestyles of the urban poor which is cultural interpretation. Urban poverty is not only a social problem; bus also an economic phenomenon, even a widespread cultural phenomenon. Under the dual interpretation framework of the structure and culture of the two horizons of integration and reconstruction, urban poverty research has a new meaning.2. The logical path of anti-urban poverty should also be discussed with the dual interpretation framework of structure and culture.Based on the structural and cultural reasons, the individual’s capability is be deprived, then urban poverty inevitably be produced. So it is necessary to find a way to anti-poverty by improving individual’s capability. Therefore, the researcher proposes a strategy path to anti-poverty by reconstructing the structural elements,the cultural elements, arousing the poor subjectivity activity. Finally, the research constructs an explanation frame with the theory, methods, practices and the localreality, explores a new avenues for the study of poverty.3. The urban poor’s initiative can not be ignored.The urban poor under the stress of structure and culture, have different strategy to their life. This is not only reflects a structural impact, but also contains a cultural explanation. However, the poor have never been a "passive" victim under the structural constraints, they still showed considerable wisdom and initiative, drive a variety of different behaviors. Only truly understanding the urban poor of action,we can really understand urban poverty.At the end of the article, the researcher has comes up with topic for discussion,such as the multiple needs of the urban poor are met, the diversity principles of anti-poverty, social work methods in practice in the use of anti-poverty and so on.
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