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Research On The Emergency Management System Of The County’s Mass Unexpected Incident In The Context Of Rapid Urbanization

Posted on:2015-12-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Our country is in the period of rapid development of urban construction.Although we have made some achievements, in the course of urbanization, various social contradictions and conflicts are increasingly obvious,and the mass unexpected incident happen frequently which is the reflection of inharmonic social contradictions and conflicts.It brings great threat to our social order, political stability and economic development. Look back on the mass unexpected incidents occurred, a lot of which happened in county area, and also the ability of emergency need to be improved.To further study the county’s emergency management system has important theoretical value. In recent years, there are many research results on emergency management system. But there are few on the county’s emergency management system. From the research scope, research on emergency management system of the mass unexpected incident concentrate more on the general mass unexpected incident than the county’s. As a result,on the basis of Risk Society Theory, Social Burning Theory, and the public crisis governance theory, the paper focusing on the county’s mass unexpected incident, and further studying on the emergency management system are significant.To further study the county’s emergency management system has important practical value. Firstly, it is useful to construct harmonious society. Harmonious society is the ideal social formation for China, and is also the essential attribute of Chinese Socialism. In the construction of a harmonious society, as a problem which is not avoided,the mass unexpected Incident must be solved. The county is an administrative division faced to people directly, so the harmony of the county is the basis of the harmony of the whole country. The research on the county’s mas-s unexpected incident provides the practical response with principled guidance, and will be the theory preparation for the construction of harmonious society. Secondly, it is useful to the grass-roots level’s social management innovation. To construct rigorous emergency management and formulate effective operative rules, contribute to break the dilemma of the increasing mass unexpected incident, and is in favor of grass-roots’ social management. Thirdly, it is useful to elevate the government’s ability. Mass unexpected incident has become the unstable factors threatening to destabilize the county’s society. Through the study of mass unexpected incident, using scenario analysis and vulnerability analysis, to discover the county’s mass unexpected incident’s characterism and the weakness of the emergency management, and to improve the level of science and democratization. Therefore, strengthening the research on the county’s mass unexpected incident contributes to adjust policies reasonably, perfect legal system and improve government management. Strengthening the research on the county’s mass unexpected incident helps to correctly handle the relationship between the maintenance of social order and the legitimate rights and interests of the people. Strengthening the research on the county’s mass unexpected incident also helps to clear division of responsibilities, perfect work mechanism, and improve the ability of preventing, resolving and managing of all levels of governments.This paper basing on Risk Society Theory, Social Burning Theory, and the public crisis governance theory, following the framework of "scenario-shock-vulnerability", along with the technology line of "Theoretical basis-scenario analysis-vulnerability analysis-empirical analysis-strategy exploration", through the scenario analysis of mass unexpected incident and vulnerability analysis of the emergency management system, studies in-depth on the county’s emergency management system of mass unexpected incident based on typical cases from the theoretical and empirical, and attempts to explore targeted and innovative strategies in improving the county’s emergency management system.This paper covers a total of seven parts, namely an introduction, five chapters, and one conclusion.The author in the introduction briefly describes the origin and significance of the research, defines and analyzes the important concepts in detail, reviews and evaluates domestic and foreign researches.The core of this paper mainly includes the first chapter to the fifth chapter. Formally, the author in the first chapter explains the theoretical basis and the research framework totally, then from the second chapter to the fifth chapter, the author solves "why to enhance the study on the county’s emergency management system of mass unexpected incident", "what is the present situation of our country’s emergency management system", and "how to perfect the county’s emergency management system of mass unexpected incident".In the first chapter,the author constructs the theory framework, and illustrates the framework of "scenario-shock-vulnerability"——"scenario-shock" analysis and "shock-vulnerability" analysis.In the second chapter, the author analyses the county’s mass unexpected incident rationally with "shock-vulnerability". Firstly, the author analyses the general scenario development; secondly, based on the shock analysis discusses the influence and governance requirements of the county’s mass unexpected incident; finally, in view of the analysis above, the author summarizes the features of the county’s mass unexpected incident. The third chapter analyses the present situation of county’s emergency management system. Firstly, the author scans the elements of the system, then the author analyses the vulnerability of the county’s emergency management system totally. The forth chapter takes three typical cases as examples, and make empirical analyses based on the framework "scenario-shock-vulnerability". The fifth chapter puts up the strategies to perfect the emergency management system in the context of "shock-vulnerability".In the ending part, the author summarizes the basic conclusions, shortcomings and the outlook of the future.Innovation of this paper is mainly reflected:This paper attempts to reference Zhan ChengYu’s "scenario-shock-vulnerability" analytical framework for mass unexpected incident and the emergency management system. In the academic circle, there are many research findings on mass unexpected incident, but there are few researches with this framework. So, studying with this framework is the first innovation point. The paper focuses on the mass unexpected incident with the county area. At present, the academic circle is poor in researches on the county area, so the research is the second innovation point. The paper attempts to use the scenario analysis to study the shock’s features of the county’s mass unexpected incident, and the study method is the third innovation point. Also, the paper explores the shortcomings of the emergency management system, combined with vulnerability analysis, and this study method is the forth innovation point.
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