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Deepen The Research On The Reform Of The Administrative Examination And Approval System From The Perspective Of Government Governance

Posted on:2020-06-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1366330578954311Subject:Administrative Management
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"Decision on Several Major Issues Concerning the Comprehensive Deepening of Reform" on the Third Plenary Session of the 18 th CPC Central Committee,put forward that "the overall goal of the comprehensive deepening of reform is to improve and develop the Socialist System with Chinese characteristics,promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity".The report of the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that "the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity must be continuously promoted".Government governance is an important part of national governance,and the improvement of government governance ability has become an urgent problem for the current government to solve.Deepening the reform of the administrative examination and approval system(AEAS)is an important starting point for transforming government functions and improving government governance capabilities: the establishment of administrative approval is not standardized,the scope of approval is too large,the phenomenon of multiple examination and approval,repeated examination and approval still exists,the procedure of administrative approval is not standardized and transparent.Partially,cancelled and adjusted approval items lack effective linking subjects,the whole system emphasizes examination but ignores supervision,these issues occur from time to time,resulting in negative impacts such as damage to the government's credibility,increased administrative costs,and deviation from the service-oriented government.It is therefore of urgency and importance to research from both theoretical and practical demand.On this basis,this paper studies from the perspective of combining government governance with deepening the reform of AEAS,researches the basic path of deepening the reform of AEAS from the perspective of government governance.Through the systemic analysis of the connotation and theoretical foundation of government governance and reform of AEAS,this paper probes the internal logical relation between government governance and deepening AEAS reform.This paper reckons thatthe reform of AEAS is an important tool of government governance reform,deepening AEAS reform is vital to improve the capacity of government governance,the modernization of government governance is the goal and direction of the reform of AEAS and provides a theoretical framework for it.Their value orientation and theoretical basis are mutually integrated,both of them emphasize service quality and government credibility,pursuehighly-efficient government,highlighte government responsibilities,and promote positive interaction between government and society.It is precisely the relationship between them that is necessary and timely to study and deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system from the perspective of government governance.This paper constructs the Governance Concept Model(GC model)of deepening the reform of AEAS from four dimensions: function orientation,value orientation,goal setting and basic principles of reform,effectively illustrate the core value of deepening AEAS reform.The model considers that deepening AEAS reform and innovation of government governance capacity is an organic whole with close internal link,deepening AEAS reform is an exploration process with rolling update and continuous improvement,a dynamic collection consists of concepts,systems,methods and practiceswhich idea guidance and administrative method promote each other.The goal setting,function orientation and basic principles of the reform of administrative examination and approval system are all multi-dimensional conceptual sets which revolve around the core value of the reform and evolve dynamically.Under the guidance of different historical stages and core values,the dimensions,concepts and measures contained in the set have changed.This paper makes a summary of the development process,achievements,current situation and problems of AEAS reform in China,analyzes the restricting factors of AEAS reform,considers that the realistic background and urgent demand of deepening AEAS reformincludes: “disclosure and streamline”,promotes the benign interaction between “sunshine government” and approval service in the administrative reform;“fairness and efficiency”,the organic combination of effectiveness of government affairs and approval service under the modern market economy framework;“Internet and governance”,the organic combination of wisely govenance affairs and approval service.This paper chooses 3 foreign countries,America,Japan and Australia,as well as 3 typical domestic region,ZhejiangProvince,Jiangsu Province and Binhai New Area in Tianjin,deeply probes their AEAS reform approaches,makes more explicit that AEAS reform should revolve the core value of governance capacity modernization,base on laws,release economic regulation,emphasize social regulation,promote reform in a progressive way.Bases on the above theoretical construction and empirical researching,this paper puts forward four countermeasures focusing on the direction of deepening the reform of AEAS: scientifically setting and adjusting AEA matters,speeding up the standardization of AEA,promoting the reform of the "Internet +" AEAS,and implementing evaluation of the AEAS which is one of the key points as well as difficulties of this paper.Under the analytical framework of "GC model",this paper constructs the performance evaluation system of the AEAS reform by using grounded theory.It studies the reform of AEAS from five aspects: the main body system of performance evaluation,the design principles of evaluation indicators,the design of evaluation indicators,the dynamic process and methods of evaluation and the use and management system of performance results.This paper systemically puts forward countermeasures toward performance evaluation system of the AEAS reform,by broadly data collection and analysis of relevant policy paper,Internet and publications and interview sources,conducts initial coding,focusing coding and axis coding,constructs AEAS performance evaluation system including 5 first class index,23 second class index and 88 third index.Finally,The main innovations of the research are as follows: using the methods of bibliometrics,grounded theoretical research and case comparison reasonably;taking government governance as research orientation and theoretical framework to explore the core value of the reform of administrative examination and approval system;paying attention to investigation and empirical research in the research process,and combining international experience and practice with domestic programs.Combining examples with demonstrations.The main theoretical contributions are as follows: under the concept of government governance,the reform of AEAS is redefined as a continuous dynamic set of processes;a governance conceptual model is constructed for the continuous and controllable research of AEAS reform,which provides an analytical framework for further research;under the new model analysis framework,effective application of grounded theoretical research methods is now under way.Under the dynamic change of external environment such as post-reform orientation and reform demand,this paper puts forward a way to study the reform of administrative examination and approval system.The research of this paper has theoretical and methodological guiding significance for the current practice of AEAS reform,and has certain theoretical reference value for other scholars to study the reform of AEAS system in the future in terms of research paths and research perspectives.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Government Governance, Reform of the Administrative Examination and Approval System, Streamlining Government and Delegating Authorities, Performance Evaluation
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