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Study On The Patterns And Impacts Of Chinese High-level S?T Talent's Transnational Mobility

Posted on:2017-11-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1367330596964369Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The essence of innovation-driven is talent-driven.Hence,a sizable team of innovative talent must be constructed and giving play to the role of high-level scientific and technological talent(HSTT)to firmly practice the development strategy of innovation-driven.With the advent of science and technology(S&T)globalizatio n,there has been a sweeping flow of HSTT.Training and recruiting HSTT is a strategic choice of all countries and regions to win international competition.In order to give full paly to the role of HSTT in the development of economy and society,China has implement open policy and mechanism to press ahead international construction of HSTT in an all-round way.In the 21 st century,in front of the fierce international talent competition,attracting HSTT has become national strategy.Talent introduction has initially formed a patterns of various levels,through all channels and linked up together.Based on the above background,this paper focuses on HSTT which represented by Chinese highly cited scholars(CHCS)and returnee entrepreneurs.It integrates policy S&T analysis,curriculum vitae analysis,biblimetric analysis,social network analys is and econometric analysis to answer the following questions: what is the transnatio na l mobility trend of HSTT? What are the characteristics and patterns? What are the impacts of HSTT's transnational mobility on China's S&T development and to what extent? How to introduce and remain the HSTT? And so on.And then hope the answer can be used for China's HSTT strategy and policy in future.The main contents are as follows.(1)Analytical framework of the patterns and impacts of China's HSTT's transnational mobilityFirstly,this paper reviews the basic theories and related methods about HSTT's transnational mobility.Secondly,this paper introduces the definition of China's HSTT,describes the main transnational mobility form,motivation of HSTT's transnational mobility and influencing mechanism of transnational mobility on scientific and technological innovation.Finally,this paper constructs analytical framework of the patterns and impacts of China's HSTT's transnational mobility,which provides theoretical and methodological references for the following chapters.(2)Status and patterns of HSTT's transnational mobilityFirstly,this paper analyzes the scale of China's S&T talent on a worldwide scale and the development of HSTT.Secondly,this paper reviews the developing process and policy evolution of China's HSTT,and specially focused on the transnational mobility of China's HSTT subsidize by government.Finally,this paper selects Chinese highly cited scholars as the representative of high-level scientific research talents,summar ize the characteristics and patterns of their transnational mobility from the views of form,stage,direction,scale,frequency and time based on curriculum vitae analysis.(3)International S&T collaboration network of Chinese highly cited scholarsBased on the coauthor relationship,this paper selects CHCS as unit and constructs coauthor database of Scopus and Web of science.Firstly,this paper analyze overall outputs of scientific cooperation based on biblimetric method.Secondly,this paper studies general characteristics of international scientific cooperation,and the status of scholars in the network based on social network method.Finally,it researches on the patterns of HSTT's international scientific collaboration form the views of countries,subjects,funds and the leading-dependence model.(4)Measurement of the impacts of Chinese highly cited scholars' transnational mobility on scientific research performanceFirstly,this paper surveys the research on transnational mobility of HSTT,international scientific cooperation and scientific research productivity.Secondly,this paper puts forward the hypotheses about the impact of transnational mobility of HSTT on the international scientific and scientific research productivity.Finally,econometric models have been built to measure the influence of scholar's transnational mobility on international scientific cooperation and scientific research productivity.(5)Measurement of the impacts of China's returnee entrepreneurs on the technological innovationThis paper selects China's returnee entrepreneurs as the representative of high-le ve l technical talents.Firstly,this paper summarize the characteristics of entrepreneurs' transnational mobility and enterprises' development.Secondly,this paper explores the mechanism of returnee entrepreneurs on enterprise technological innovation.Finally,econometric models have been built to measure the influence of returnee entrepreneurs on technological innovation.Based on the above,after analyzing of scientific talent strategies and policies of the major countries in the world,this paper finds the main problems of introduction and utilization HSTT,which are that there is no HSTT database,HSTT introduction system has not to be set up as soon as possible,homogeneity of policies is serious,innovatio n and entrepreneurial environment need to be improved,and so on.At the end,this paper puts forward policy suggestions on the development of China's HSTT.
Keywords/Search Tags:high-level scientific and technological talent, transnational mobility, international scientific collaboration, scientific research productivity, technological innovation
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