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Empirical Study On Optimization Of Talent Ecological Environment And Improvement Of Scientific And Technological Innovation Ability

Posted on:2021-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330620963693Subject:Labor economics
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The promotion of scientific and technological innovation ability cannot be separated from the talent ecological environment.The talent ecological environment is the foundation to attract and retain scientific and technological innovation talents,the foundation to cultivate and develop scientific and technological innovation talents,and the soil to arouse the innovation motivation of scientific and technological innovation talents and bring them into full play.Luquan District of Shijiazhuang City,adjacent to Shijiazhuang,is one of the top ten counties and districts in Hebei Province for scientific and technological innovation,and has been selected into the pilot list of innovative counties(cities,districts)in Hebei Province.Its economic development zone is one of Shijiazhuang's "five major industrial bases" and Hebei's provincial communications and electronics industrial park,and Shijiazhuang's "4+4" key development industry information technology industry is located in this area.This article takes Luquan District as the research object and has certain representativeness.Firstly,this paper sorts out the relevant research data at home and abroad,and defines the basic concepts of talents and scientific and technological innovation talents,talent ecological environment and scientific and technological innovation capability.Secondly,it analyzes the current situation of the talent environment in Luquan district from the aspects of nature,economy,humanities,science and technology,and discusses the current situation of scientific and technological innovation talents and scientific and technological innovation ability from the data of scientific and technological innovation indexes such as talent scale,talent quality,number of patent applications,number of subject applications,etc.Thirdly,based on reading,absorbing and digesting the cutting-edge research results of relevant research variables,the theoretical hypothesis is put forward.Through on-the-spot interviews and questionnaires,this paper conducts on-the-spot investigations on representative science and technology innovation enterprises in Luquan District,and conducts empirical analysis based on the obtained data,so as to test the hypotheses one by one.The following conclusions are drawn: all dimensions of the ecological environment of scientific and technological innovation talents are significantly positively correlated with innovation motivation and work involvement;Innovation spirit and innovation achievement,innovation atmosphere and innovation behavior,innovation pressure and innovation achievement,and innovation pressure and innovation behavior all have positive effects,and innovation motivation and work involvement can be used as intermediary variables to affect scientific and technological innovation ability.Finally,from the two levels of government and enterprise capital investment,talent evaluation mechanism,welfare system,knowledge training and other aspects to build a talent ecological environment policy recommendations.The innovation of this article is mainly embodied in three aspects:One is to analyze the current situation of talent ecological environment from the perspective of district-level administrative divisions and verify its impact on scientific and technological innovation capability.The second is to define the talent ecological environment from the three main aspects of innovative spirit,innovative atmosphere and innovative pressure,and to explore the correlation between enterprise talent ecological environment and scientific and technological innovation capability.Third,from the perspective of cooperation between the government and enterprises,it puts forward a package of countermeasures and suggestions to optimize the ecological environment of Luquan District and enhance the regional innovation capability.
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