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Research On The Supply Mechanism Of Intellectual Property Service Under The Background Of Technology Innovation

Posted on:2020-12-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In the context of technological innovation,an increasing number of new ventures are mostly technological innovation enterprises.They have the characteristics of"light" tangible assets and "heavy" intangible assets.The effectiveness of mining,combining,operating and managing their intangible intellectual property assets determines its development and even survival.Therefore,intellectual property services are considered to be an emerging industry that can activate the "innovation factor" of the enterprise and promote its leapfrog development.China's intellectual property system is relatively late,social intellectual property awareness and corporate intellectual property rights are relatively weak.The corresponding intellectual property services are still in the early stage of development,and their service capabilities and levels are lower than those of developed countries.Property rights service resources cannot meet the needs of the growing innovation market and the development of emerging industries,nor can they meet the needs of Chinese enterprises to "go global" to participate in international trade and international competition.It is urgent to resolve the contradiction between supply and demand by optimizing the supply mechanism to innovate the service model,enhance the international service level and cultivate high-end service talents.Under the trend of technological innovation driving economic transformation,the "new supply" of intellectual property services with structural optimization,product quality and action efficiency is based on the systemized and scientifically allocated intellectual property service supply mechanism.Intellectual property itself is a special dominance based on abstract objects.The management of intellectual property rights and the supply of intellectual property services are completely different from the management and service systems based on real estate based on real estate.They are also different from the service supply model of the service industry from the real world.In order to explore the effectiveness,rationality and legitimacy of the supply mechanism of intellectual property services,this paper analyzes the various elements of the intellectual property service supply mechanism from the perspective of state-structure-performance by applying the "SSP paradigm".This construct the logical framework of intellectual property service supply and as the starting point for the innovation of intellectual property service supply mechanism.Then,through the analysis of the influencing factors,the causes of the times,the status quo and the causes of the intellectual property service supply mechanism in China,the paper points out the obstacles to decision-making,efficiency,coordination and responsibility faced by China's intellectual property service supply mechanism.On the basis of clarifying the obstacles to the supply mechanism of intellectual property services,in order to find the effective structure of the supply mechanism of intellectual property services from an empirical perspective,This paper constructs an SEM model of intellectual property service supply mechanism and enterprise innovation capability.Through the on-the-spot questionnaire survey of enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces with better supply of intellectual property services,and using AMOS software analysis to analyze the survey data,the SEM model is verified.The results show that the model has a good degree of fit,which proves that the IP service supply mechanism can be constructed from four dimensions:decision mechanism,efficiency mechanism,coordination mechanism and responsibility mechanism.Each dimension has different effects on service supply.The "new"mechanism for the provision of intellectual property services has been proven to have a significant positive effect on the improvement of corporate innovation capabilities.This conclusion has a guiding role for clearly defining the connotation of the IP service supply mechanism and constructing a quantitative IP service supply mechanism.On the basis of the empirical results,this paper also theoretically proves the structure of intellectual property service supply mechanism,and explores its rationality from the formation and positioning of decision-making mechanism,the efficiency principle of service provision,the collaborative framework of multi-subjects,and the level of responsibility technology construction.It is believed that the traditional intellectual property service model is based on a single,no concept and awareness of service "products",and most of them exist in the form of government supply.The decision-making mechanism of service supply has not been formed,just to coordinate the implementation of the intellectual property system;Market-oriented intellectual property services aim at maximizing profit,ignoring the sense of synergy and responsibility in service provision.The intellectual property service supply mechanism must consider the supply adaptation demand,the demand to meet the supply,and even the demand creation supply to seek breakthroughs,so as to deepen the service and realize the quality improvement of the intellectual property service in the synergistic interaction.Therefore,it is necessary to optimize and improve the decision-making mechanism of intellectual property services,and to plan the efficiency mechanism,coordination mechanism and responsibility mechanism in intellectual property services.This paper finally proposes the strategic design and implementation strategy of the intellectual property service supply mechanism.In terms of strategic positioning,the new era of intellectual property services should focus on service innovation for original technology research and development,service creation,demand optimization services,and focus on meeting the overall strategic needs of national development,industrial development and international trade development needs.Strengthen the construction of classification,focusing on the construction of high-end services including intellectual property information big data services,intellectual property financing services,intellectual property medical examination and early warning services,intellectual property certification,intellectual property internationalization and intellectual property training services.In the basic principle,we must adhere to the principles of government guidance,synergy,and market competition and efficiency.It also establishes the dynamic foundation of the "three-way synergy mechanism" as the strategic framework,and is committed to the technology incubation,rights guidance,rights operation and rights protection of various innovation entities,based on the continuous updating and construction of intellectual property basic information resources.Focusing on the cultivation of new forms of IP services and new forms of business,with the protection of intellectual property services and the cultivation of talents and social organizations,the development direction of a systematic and effective IP service supply mechanism was finally formed.
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