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The Research On Intellectual Property Strategy Of Low-carbon Technology Innovation In Manufacturing Industry

Posted on:2015-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330518470970Subject:Business management
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At present,China is in the transition period from "Made in China" to "Created in China".Faced with the critical period,rate of marginal contribution traditional factors of production to economic growth is declining,such as labor,capital and land natural resources.Technology innovation is becoming the leading factor supporting and guiding the development of economy and society.At the same time,China's extensive development pattern also poses a threat to climate change and energy crisis.As one of the important path to reduce greenhouse gas emission,low-carbon technology is increasingly important.Therefore,low-carbon technology innovation becomes the key factors of technology upgrading and industry transformation in manufacturing industry.The development of low-carbon economy cannot achieve the target without technology innovation,and independent intellectual property rights is the cornerstone during the development of low-carbon economy.Patent bibliometrics and the social network analysis were applied to analyze the patents on the low-carbon technology of China's manufacturing industry during 2004-2012.This research took an in-depth look on definition of low-carbon technologies and aspects that could reflect the distribution law of the low-carbon technology innovation of the manufacturing industry,such as time distribution,regional distribution,industry distribution,technology distribution,prolific institution distribution,and the cooperation situation of the applications.Secondly,based on the existing literature,we divide intellectual property strategy into intellectual property creation strategy,intellectual property protection strategy,intellectual property management strategy and intellectual property application strategy.And we divide low-carbon technology innovation into low-carbon product innovation,low-carbon process innovation and low-carbon service innovation.Then,we build a conceptual model of the influence mechanism between low-carbon technology innovation strategy and low-carbon technology innovation in manufacturing industry,according to the relevant statistical data for five consecutive years,structural equation model is applied to test the hypotheses.Next,we construct intellectual property strategy of low-carbon technology innovation,and based on the research of effect mechanism and development stage of low-carbon technology innovation in manufacturing industry we discuss the key point of intellectual property strategy and analyze the combination of special strategies.Next,we establish a complete intellectual property strategy framework of low-carbon technology innovation in manufacturing industry.Finally,we propose the reasonable measures to promote the implementation of intellectual property strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Low-carbon technology innovation, Intellectual property strategy, Influence mechanism, Strategic system
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