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The Research On IP Strategy-based Mechanism Of Enterprise's Technology Innovation Diffusion

Posted on:2011-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330332462873Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As a process of technology innovation, technology innovation diffusion reflects an important part of the purpose and value of innovation. Only through technology diffusion, the potential economic benefits of technology innovation can be maximized. In order to earn a place in fierce market competition, enterprises not only need continuously strengthen its own technical force, but also should pay attention to absorb new technologies to form their own advantage.Compared with the theory of technology innovation, the research of technology innovation diffusion is relatively fewer. Moreover, the existing research took the adoption of innovation enterprises as main object of study, using a variety of mathematical models to study the technology innovation diffusion process, and lacking practical significance to the supply companies. This article attempts to establish IP strategy-based technology innovation diffusion mechanism, start from the influence to technology innovation diffusion process which made by technology innovation and technological achievement forms.Firstly, this paper reviewed the theories about intellectual property strategy, technology innovation diffusion and the mechanism of technology innovation diffusion. Based on that, the writer analyzed the intrinsic link among enterprise overall strategy, intellectual property strategy and mechanisms of enterprise technology innovation diffusion. Through the above analysis, the author proposed individual opinion about characteristics of the mechanism of innovation diffusion based on intellectual property strategy, and explained how the mechanism of innovation diffusion formed by certain channels. Technology innovation diffusion is a follow-up process of technology innovation, thus the paper did the research of intellectual property strategy directed technology innovation diffusion mechanisms that formed through different innovation path.Based on the above analysis, the paper studied two types of IP strategy directed mechanism of innovation diffusion in different innovation path, i.e. patent IP strategy based mechanism of innovation diffusion in cooperation innovation path and know-how IP strategy based mechanism of innovation diffusion in technology introduction path. The article first analyzed the characteristics and applicable conditions of two mechanisms. Because of the differences of characteristics of technology, the implementation process of patent strategy and know-how strategy are different from each other. Thus, the applicable conditions and dynamic mechanism are not the same. Then, by calculating the expected benefits which are offered by patent technology, the article analyzed under the patent IP strategy, which specific form of technology diffusion should be adopted. Enterprises which take cooperation innovation path should establish equitable diffusion income distribution mechanism, to ensure that technical innovation diffusion mechanism operate normally. After that, the paper research on process of know-how strategy-based technology diffusion by using the Game Analysis. The sixth part of this article takes Guangxi enterprises as research object, based on the research of technological innovation diffusion status in Guangxi, taken a Guangxi enterprises as a specific case, using AHP to decide which mechanism should be chosen by enterprise.
Keywords/Search Tags:mechanism of technology innovation diffusion, intellectual property strategy, paths of technology innovation, forms of technological innovation
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