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The Research On Merging Risk

Posted on:2003-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065955123Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Merger is an important way for enterprises to accumulate capitals, posses resources and expand market.but at the same time, merger is an economic activity full of varied economic risks. Sometimes it will succeed, sometimes fail and even with the failure ratio higher than 50%.therefore, the decision maker of enterprises should be always treading on thin ice when making policy to merge. They should think over whether they can reach the expected goal through the merging. The most important thing is that they should predict, control and evade risk in the course of merger and make it a security syetem with expected results.The merger in China is different from western development countries in operation. The merger maket in China is very complex. It often deals with ownership, trans-industry and trans-regional problems. At the same time, it is greatly limited by the change of policy and market; in addition, most state-owned enterprises have low profit, heavy burden with unreasonable industril structure, enterprise internal technological structure and imperfect social security syetem. All these will bring great risk for enterprises' merging.Reviewing the enterprises'merging, a kind of advanced enterprise behavior, in incomplete market economic background, this text will study the risks of merging taking change of the enterprise competitiveness as a main thread from the angle of strategic management. Cosidering the particularity of China's enterprises's merging, in order to study easily, this text, based on the decision making procedure of merging, will divide the merging into the propety right risk-Examination stage for the goal enterprise, strategic risk-Strategy implementation stage, management risk-manages stage after the merging, taking the cost study as a main thread analyze the three risk stages and try to find out the method of controlling risk at last.
Keywords/Search Tags:Merging risk, Property right risk, Strategic risk, Management risk
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