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Teh Research On Raw Material Logistic Management Of Dong Feng Automobile Company

Posted on:2003-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065955315Subject:Business Administration
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Modern logistics is a high-efficient and strict way of production. It has a more and more notable effect on economic development. It's praised to be the third source of profit and considered the new point of economic growth. Foreign developed countries have accumulated rich experience of logistics either in the theoretical research or in the practical application,which can just be learned and consulted by us.Dong Feng Automobile Company (DFAC) is an extra-large state-owned enterprise,and also one of the three largest auto manufactories. It has expansive logistic market. The DFAC's logistic system can be divided into three parts,the purchasing and supplying logistics of raw material and parts & components,inner-company auto manufacturing logistics and product selling logistics.This paper is doing research and analysis on the raw material logistic administration of the DFAC in terms of modern theories of logistics.Chapter 1 focuses on the development of modern logistic theories. It introduces the logistics,supply chain management (SCM),the third party logistics (3PLs) and customer service,and precisely analyzes their relationship.Chapter 2 explains the present condition of the DFAC's raw material logistic management. Since the DFAC has set up during the 1960's,the "3-line" construction period as a military industry enterprise,the administrative pattern in the planned economy marked the DFAC's logistic management of raw material deeply and firmly. By the shock of the development of the market economy and the reform of state-owned enterprises,the logistic administration of raw material is facing many new problems.By means of modern theories of logistics to deeply search the purchase ,management,stock management and supplier management of the DFAC's raw material logistic administration is the main content of the chapter 3.The last chapter of this paper argues the value and the function of the 3PLs. It points out the developing direction of the DFAC's logistic administration department of raw material. That is reforming the system,developing the 3PLs,engaging in the logistic service to comply with the development of the Markey economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Third Party Logistics, Raw Material Logistic Management
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