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The Research Of Chinese Auto Enterprises's Competitive Power

Posted on:2004-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092475837Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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An enterprise is a cell of the body of an economy. Therefore, the competence of enterprises determines that of their nation. A large group of enterprises that enjoy competitive edge worldwide constitute the foundation of the prosperity of Western developed nations. Furthermore, powerful multinational auto manufacturers can always be found in those countries' large-scale enterprises sector.It might be concluded that the growth of Chinese enterprises' competitive power will both boom the national economy and promote the overall national strength. Also the development of emerging market will highly rely upon the performance of more and more multinationals that are active players in the global market arena. On this ground, the issue of international competence of enterprises (ICE) grabs full attention of both general public and researchers.There is a big gap in the ICE of China and western countries. After China's entry into WTO, state-owned enterprises in China are confronting serious challenge from their foreign peers. This is particularly true in the immature auto industry. International giants are speeding up their paces to keep and enlarge their market stake, utilizing their outstanding strength in capital, technology and management that Chinese auto manufacturers lack of. In other words, the Chinese motor makers are now facing fierce competition both at home and abroad. Under the new situation, a profound and objective evaluation on ICE of Chinese auto enterprises is crucial for taking advantage of this opportunity and upgrading the productivity of the entire industry. Consequently, the evolution of auto industry will eventually increase the overall competitive power of the whole country.My thesis, therefore, derives from the consideration just mentioned. It tries to discuss the issue of ICE of Chinese auto companies from different layers and angles. The dissertation takes ICE theory as its theme, analyses factors that influence the change of ICE of Chinese auto makers, evaluates ICE of major players in China's auto market, and predicts the future of them and the market as a whole. Finally, the composer attempts to offer his suggestion on ways to improve ICE of China's auto industry promptly based on the conclusion he drew from the analysis done above.
Keywords/Search Tags:Auto, International Competence of Enterprise, Influential Factor, Formation Mechanism, Countermeasure
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