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The Research On Influential Factors Of Enterprise Knowledge Workers Performance

Posted on:2006-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G L LeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152970188Subject:Business management
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In the era of knowledge economy, the knowledge workers who assemble knowledge, information, science and technology will receive more and more attention. They use their knowledge to add enterprises' products and service values. Compared to tangible assets controlled by minority investors, enterprises' knowledge capitals disperse in the knowledge workers' brain. So, how to manage and increase knowledge workers performance is an important issue that many enterprises management concern about.Firstly, the author introduces the status of overseas and domestic research about influential factors of employees' performance. Then, the author brings forward the papers' research contents and methods on the basis of enterprises knowledge workers' actuality.Secondly, the author analyses knowledge workers' concept and characteristics. Besides, the author shows the problems of knowledge workers' performance management in our country. The problems conclude these aspects: performance points of view, performance appraise and performance recompense. Base on these, the author narrates the necessary to manage knowledge workers performance.Thirdly, the author explains knowledge workers performance's concept and characteristics, and explores influential factors of knowledge workers performance combining with knowledge workers' characteristics and their performance characteristics. From individual, individual efforts degrees, work motive, individual capability, and organization contentment will influence knowledge workers performance. From organization, incentive degrees, opportunity, work environment, work characteristics and work resources will affect knowledge workers performance.Then, the author puts five hypotheses about influential factors of knowledge worker performance and influential degrees of performance. The hypotheses are on the basis of the conclusion of this paper and research results about influential factors of employees' performance overseas and domestic. Following this, the author carries out non-random sample survey over 300 knowledge workers. Then, uses statistical soft to analyze the samples, and demonstrates the five hypotheses.Finally, the author puts forward some tactical suggestions about how to increase knowledge workers performance base on the conclusion of the theoretic analysis and empirical study. The followings are the suggestions. Attach importance to the train for knowledge worker. Build the work environment of mutuality esteem, trust and justice. Pay attention to the incentive on knowledge worker. Transform and be affluent in knowledge workers'jobs. Manage knowledge workers' profession career programming.
Keywords/Search Tags:Knowledge worker, Job performance, Influential factor, Empirical study
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