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The Core Competence Formation And Evaluation Substantial Evidence Research Of The Piping Engineering Business Enterprise

Posted on:2006-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M H GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152491175Subject:Business management
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Under the condition of planned economy the our country piping engineering business enterprise once in the petroleum market, social market and international have created great accomplishment , but face the market economy impact of the big tide , the business enterprise antinomy and problems of a deep time of the original system and the market mechanism present out gradually. To inside the competition of outside many factors of environment and vehemences , in order to beg the existence and developments of the business enterprise , should overall orientation market , conversion management mechanism , build up the modern business enterprise system , carry on starting the second business. How the advantage position that establish , how keep and maintain its position and how resolve the problem exist, these are all worthy of we pay attention to and study of, and this currently for some be placed in the business enterprise of the opposite minority to also have the very big leading function still.This text usage more analysis , system analysis , settle sex and quantitative analysis , theorieses and fulfillment to analyze etc. method , with the piping bureau the fourth engineering construction company for research object, did the thorough research to the core competencies , enrich the theories concerning the business enterprise core competencies; built up a set of maneuverability strong evaluation index sign system , certain the degree made up the core competencies knowledge up in this aspect of shortage , turned to do the beneficial quest for the quantity of core competencies; and as a result carry on resolving the analysis to the evaluation , find out the advantage and the shortage that it exist with the method of the contribution rate. Taking this as the piping engineering constucted other business enterprises of profession core competencies evaluation to carry on the type example.
Keywords/Search Tags:Core competence, AHP, Fuzzy evaluation
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