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Analysis On The Transferring Of Government Function

Posted on:2004-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092993332Subject:Administrative Management
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The modern social science divides society into three parts. They are government organizations, profitable organizations and non-government organizations, which are the three forms in political realms, economic realms and social realms correspondingly. In the political realms, reformation direction developing socialistic democratic politics has been decided. In the economic realms, establishing socialistic market economy mechanism has already been clear. However in the social realms, the blue print is very misty. It has been proved that market economy and democratic politics cannot be fulfilled without the support of a stable social mechanism. That is to say, the reformation in social realms has been the key factor putting forward the whole reformation in china. The state of the social realm primarily is be decided by the state of NGOs. The valid market system and democratic politics cannot get away from the support of NGOs. The healthy development of NGOs is the premise and foundation for the further development of market-orientated reformation and democratic construction For Chinese academic circles, NGO is a comparatively unknown realm. At present, the development practice of NGOs is preceding the theoretic study much. But the study of NGOs accords with the developing trend of economy socialization; politic democratization and culture diversification .So the study of it has much significance and importance. The thesis analyzes deeply on the outputting of the function of government and the inputting of the function of NGOs from the transferring of government function. All the analysis has firm theoretic foundation. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part is devoted to the basic theory of government function .On the basic of the definition and class of government function, the author analyzes the developing trend of it Using for reference of "new public management". The second part discusses the decomposition of the government function and the outputting of thepublic function. Firstly, the thesis is devoted to the definition, the classes of the public goods and the scope of public goods offered by the government, and then brings up the exterior term of the transferring of government function. Finally from two typical forms and valid mechanism by which the NGOs are established, the author brings up the method and steps of the outputting of the government function .The third part discussed the inputting of the function of NGOs. It analyzes the effect of NGOs, the main deficiencies in the course of the inputting of the NGOs'function in a specific way and the countermeasure to enhancing the capacity ofNGOs.At present, the study emphasizes particularly on the necessity, method, target and the path of the transferring of government function. There is much macroscopical research and little microcosmic research. Particularly after the transferring of government function, what organization can and how to undertake these functions? There is little study on it. This text dwells on the ways in which the NGOs undertake these functions output by the government on the basis of the "government failure" theory. The first innovation of this thesis is the different ways of classifying the government function, which is divided into four functions: political function, developing and controlling function, management function and serving function. The second innovation is defining the conception of the transferring of government function. The third innovation is that when dwelling on the exterior term of the transferring of government function. The author brings up the fulfillment term of realizing "government vacantness", which includes the system term, economic term, and social term. The third innovation is that the author brings up her own opinions when dwelling on the ways of the outputting of government function and the inputting of the function ofNGOs.
Keywords/Search Tags:the transferring of government function, government vacantness, non-government organization, capacity building
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