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Research On Government Innovation--A Concurrent Discussion About Reform Of Administrative Examination And Approval System

Posted on:2004-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095452953Subject:Administrative Management
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Since 1990s, the new and high technology has led the world to dart in the journey of development, and globalization and informationization brings the severe challenge to traditional government management while shortening the distance between countries all over the world. Especially the birth of the knowledge-driven economy era, is shaking each corner of social life violently. In the face of the double contradictions of "market malfunction" and "government malfunction", the governments of various countries have quickened the steps of reforming, so government innovation arises at the historic moment among such a background, and become the focus that governments of various countries pay close attention to in turn of the century.The article firstly answers why study and carry out the government innovation. Through analyzing the relation between government and market, government's function in the market, and the essential feature of modern market economy, logically draws the necessity and important meaning that the government innovates. Secondly, defines intension and extension of government innovation, analyzes the historical background that the government innovation produces, defines the concept of government innovation in detail and the rational intension that this concept includes, studies the extension of the government innovation, and discusses at the same time how to set up government innovation's mechanism. Thirdly, discusses the practical issue of contemporary government innovation, reviews the characteristic and challenge of the western bureaucratism theory, briefly explains four modes of government innovation, from four respects of government innovation in concept,system innovation, organizational innovation and technological innovation; briefly sums up the practices and developing direction of Chinese government innovation.Finally, based on the former theory, the article studies the reform of administrative examination and approval system that our country is pursuing at present, probes into the intension, drawback and defects of administrative examination and approval, studies the necessity and impetus in implementing the reform of administrative examination and approval system, proposes the guiding theory of the reform, studies the feasibility of the reform, and puts forward the counter-measure. The innovation of the article lies in completely defining the intension and foundation mechanism of government innovation, summarizing the newest achievements that the government innovation has made, expounding the basic theory on reform of administrative examination and approval and putting forward some counter-measures of the reform. Whereas the theory on government innovative is explained more systematically, it is necessary to make further investigation.
Keywords/Search Tags:government innovation, reform of administrative examination and approval system, market, government function
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