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The Analysis Of The Operation Bases And Effects Of Virtual Enterprise

Posted on:2004-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092997779Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The mightiness of enterprise determines the welfare of people and the future of a nation because enterprise is the microcosmic base of national economy. As a result, the problems of enterprise are the focus of attention. However, virtual enterprise, which is a new type of enterprise organization form, should not be neglected while enterprises are studied. Many unknowns on the concept of virtual enterprise still exist, therefore a comparatively complete theoretical framework is needed. But up to now, virtual enterprise theory is still at the primary stage and this can be seen as follows: some basic concepts are still equivocal ;virtual enterprise theory system has not been formed and is lack of definite theory frame and practical path. Reviewing the research on virtual enterprise in recent years by civil and foreign academe and entrepreneurs, most of them still rest on the introduction of concept and advantages of virtual enterprise and seldom involve some abstract problems. This paper is aimed at enriching the enterprise theory today through the study on operation bases and effects of virtual enterprise . On the basis of that, this paper will not only analyze the problems when enterprises in China want to become virtual but also give some advice .Thus it deepens people's understanding of virtual enterprise and promotes the development of virtual enterprise in our nation.The contents are as follows:Chapter 1 introduces the results of civil and foreign research on the virtual enterprise , points out the practical value and academic meaning of the study on virtual enterprise in national economy and accounts for the meaning of this paper . Besides, it identifies briefly the problems which will be solved by this paper.Chapter 2 specifies the concept, properties and the background of rise of virtual enterprise from a brand-new angle of view.Chapter 3, to begin with, introduces the flow of operation of real enterprise and virtual enterprise. Then it analyzes the operational base of virtual enterprise.Chapter 4,firstly, introduces the economic effects of virtual enterprise including economics of scale effects, economics of scope effects and economics of speed effects. Secondly, it introduces the technical effects including technical aggregation effects and technical collection effects.Chapter 5 points out the influences on our national economy if enterprises become virtual. Furthermore, on the basis of analysis of the problems exiting in some enterprises that want to become virtual, it gives some advise.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual enterprise, Real enterprise, Core competence, Outsourcing
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