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Studies On Ecological Security Evaluation Of Regional Sustainbable Land Use

Posted on:2005-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122493123Subject:Land Resource Management
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Under the situation of our country that ecological crisis becomes stern day by day, it is currently a leading edge problem in sustainable land utilization since the study on ecological security has began. However, the research of land use and the evaluation of ecological security studies not yet in deed have been unfold. It seems that a research on land ecological security almost is getting off to first time step stage of over.Based on the theory of land ecological economy etc., this paper is studying of definition of land ecological security that land resources for ecological environment of survival and development for mankind is in a kind of the balanced state and health that do not suffer threat and damage.On the base of the research on land ecological compound system, this paper attempts to establish representative index system of ecological security evaluation on land resources, and at the help of mathematics model, and taking Kunshan City, Jiangdu City and Xuyu County in Jiangsu Province as an example, make the discrepant research of land ecological security. Full text divides into 7 chapters totally:Chapter 1: Introduction This chapter mainly discusses the background and significance of the research on the evaluation of land ecological security, and analyses ecological security, the existing situation and achievements, and thus founds a solid basis for the research of this paper.Chapter2: Basic theory research on the evaluation of land ecological security Based on the analysis of concept and intension, as well as the feature of land ecological security, this paper has an analyses of the relations between land ecological security and the other related appraisement, has studied the level and the object of appraisement on land ecological security, and has elaborated the standard of appraisement on land ecological security, and has made the technical route of this paper finally.Chapter3: Index of appraisement on ecological security of land sustainable useFirstly this paper analyses the influencing factor such as natural, society and economy etc. that offers starting point of index of appraisementThen the paper has introduced research technique for index system of appraisement on ecological security of land sustainable use in current research field. On this foundation, this chapter has established frame of the representative appraisement index system on land ecological security, and has described surely specific index describe surely.Chapter4: Assessment approaches on ecological security of land sustainable use This chapter has firstly introduced some measures of standardizing the indices'values, and the paper has adopted "safe index method" to standardize the indices' values. Secondly,this chapter evaluates the power to each index with combination of AHP method. Finally, through the calculation of value of land ecological security as well as comprehensive safe value, and discussed assessment approaches on land ecological security which have offered mathematical model.Chapter5: Positive study on case study on ecological security of land sustainable use This part makes a case study on Jiangsu province. Firstly, this chapter has studied and analysed ecological environmental situation in Jiangsu province, has shown clearly ecological condition as well as ecological environmental pollutive condition to put forward the major problems of ecological security in Jiangsu province.Then, this part, from three aspects such as nature, economy, society, inspecting through completeness and the scientificness for evaluation index, altogether 24 indices of variable layer, compose and construct an index system of ecological security evaluation of land resources fit to provincial characteristics. It adopts the method of ecological security appraisement to have an analysis of the discrepancy of land ecological security in Kunshan City, Jiangdu City and Xuyu County.Chapter6: The countermeasure of ecological security on land sustainable use This chapter puts forward several specific issues concerning ecological securit...
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