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A Study On Reverse Logistics Management Of The Automobile Enterprises

Posted on:2005-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152968550Subject:Business Administration
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During the process of studying the "third profit resource" which is created by the logistics, we neglect another branch of the logistics——he great profit created by the reverse logistics. Ever since the beginning of the 1990's, some developed countries in Europe and America began to study the reverse logistics, and this problem was introduced into the logistics management systematically and scientifically step by step. In our country, the concept was introduced later, and less research about the reverse logistics was done, but this economic phenomenon occurs from time to time, such as the car recall, the medicine recall and the recovery and reuse of waste materials. Nowadays in our country, the competition in the car market is quite heated, in order to win in the increasingly heated competition, the car enterprises have to take measures in the cost, quality and service, and these fields of the enterprises can enjoy great benefit of the reverse logistics management. In this thesis, under the background, on the basis of the research theory and practice of the reverse logistics management both in the domestic and overseas, the discussion of the reverse logistics management in the car field of our country is done.In the thesis, first of all, the reverse logistics management theory, including the concept, feature and the cause of the reverse logistics is expounded, and the strategic value of the reverse logistics that is carried out in auto industry is discussed from three aspects: improve and increase customer value, improve the ability of information conformity and the quality of products as well as enforce the social responsibility of the enterprise, and then the two important problems of reverse management in auto industry --- the auto recall and the present situation and the problems of the dealing of waste autos are analyzed. Finally, after the practical experience overseas is concerned, measures about how to perfect the reverse logistics management in auto industry in our country are put forward.The thesis aims at that through the analysis and research of the reverse logistics in auto industry, we can draw the conclusion that the reverse logistics management must be enforced, and then some advice and countermeasures for the reverse logistics management in auto industry of China are suggested, so as to enable it to improve its competitive power from the reverse logistics management.
Keywords/Search Tags:reverse logistics, resource regeneration, auto recall, disposal of waste cars
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