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Study On The Sustainable Use Of Land Resources Of Shanxi

Posted on:2005-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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To use land resources sustainable is the basic policy of China. Using land resources effectively and scientifically would provide powerful guarantee for the development of national economy and society. Therefore, the research of sustainable land use has become an important issue, and many people have been paid more attention to it for long time. This paper evaluated the characteristics, quantity, istribution of land resources in 'Shanxi province, analyzed the characteristics and problems in the usage of land resources in Shanxi province at present: the mountain area is larger than plain area; the land types are abundant; there is vast land that is suitable to forest and grass; the match of water, soil and hot is not harmonious; the land management is not wise; the soil erosion is serious; the cultivated land per capita is small; he soil and water pollution are serious; etc.Through which, we predicted the future trend of the land using in Shanxi province and suggested the following strategy targets for sustainable land use:a) Until 2015, for guaranteeing 10 billion kg grain production, the whole province should keep cultivated land at 4.333 million ha or so, in which there are 3.667 million ha or so basic farmland.b) Every kind of constructing lands keep at 142 thousand ha, in which there are 79 thousand ha cultivated land.c) To supply more than 100 thousand cultivated land by land development and reclamation.d) To improve 100 thousand ha cultivated lands that are low-yield.e) To reduce soil erosion area 11.3 thousand ha.f) To retreat cultivation 1.467 million ha for reforestation or recovering grass.g) Attheend, to adjust the proportion of cultivated land, forest, grassland from 7:6:1 to 1:1.4:1.2, this proportion is reasonable ratio for land use structure.For getting the above strategy targets, we must handle of the following relations: a) the relation between development and environment protection; b) the relation between population and land resources; c) the relation between construction and farmland protection; d) the relation between quality and quantity of farmland; e) the relation between land using and economy development; f) the relation between land exploitation and landscape worth maintaining, etc.For getting the above strategy targets, we must also adopt some good measures: a) to control the construction occupying farmland; b) to use land intensive; c) to improve low-yield farmland; d) to make regional land resources distribution effective; e) to make comprehensive profit; f) to make family planning continually; g) to promote urbanization, etc.By carrying out these measures, land resources in Shanxi province can be used sustainable.
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