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Discussion On The Most Optimum Distribution Of Police Resources In FuZhou City

Posted on:2010-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330332480045Subject:National security and public safety management
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Urbanization in China along with China's economic development and social progress, and its outstanding performance is the constant expansion of urban areas, the rural population continue to shift to the cities and the urban population is growing, production, lifestyle, as well as speed up the transformation of values. At the same time, urbanization, infrastructure, culture, security and other public services more demand, but the original city supply capacity of public services has always lagged behind the rapidly expanding needs of the city. From Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, the demand for security is to meet the physiological needs of humanity based on the primary issues to be considered, the current city is basically able to meet the survival needs of people, and in order to ensure cities and living in cities were security, we need to police a large number of inputs and improve the quality of police resources. And the current resources of our city police force lags behind the supply of most of the development needs of the situation, there has been growth in demand for police resources and the supply of contradictions. City police and the lack of resources and waste of the co-existence of poor police job flow mechanism, performance evaluation mechanism for such issues as inadequate, the city police force has been the impact of rational resource allocation and use. Mode of operation of the reform of the police has now become an important issue in urban and rural areas can be found by comparing the mode of operation between the police there is a big difference between the allocation of city police and the basic principles of evaluation criteria different from the rural areas, This article focuses mainly on the city police force an analysis of the allocation of resources and allocation of Fuzhou City public security organs in the reform of police performance analysis perspective, combined with the allocation of resources to police the principles and operational mechanism of research, resources from the police human resources, management of resources, organization and information resources for the external environment, the police functions in a clear positioning, innovative model of police work, and promote the reorganization of police resources and improve the police force structure, the systematic urban urban policing strategies to optimize the allocation of resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fuzhou, urban, police resources, configuration optimization
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