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Choice Of Ways To Build A Service-oriented Government China

Posted on:2011-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332966151Subject:Public Management
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Supervision and service are the two basic functions of government, on the whole, the Government should not only monitor but also services that are service-oriented government reflect the basic attributes and values. But this does not mean that every government departments should not only monitor but also service, does not mean that the Government provide all the supervision and services. How do the two major functions of the permutations and combinations within and outside the government system, building service-oriented government in China to be the occasion to see the rationalization of the key issues. By the strong preference for local economic development impact, positioning the organization to create service-oriented executive administrative organs in China have emerged in practice, regulatory neglect, distort the trend of service, which is similar to face higher levels of government and local government preference for a double, with the dual functions of regulatory and service functions of the government service government departments in the building of the common difficulties encountered. Meaning of service-oriented government in the case of uncertainty, the situation can not change the existing system, the "integration of supervision and services, to monitor the promotion of services, well control in the service," a large number of government departments trying to solve practical problems choice. However, integration is not solved the problem, but let the problem worse, because the root problem is that the functions of the cross and conflict. Scientific solution should be a separation of functions, some of the functions to the community, some of the functions within the Government to re-divide to form a specialized division of labor based on the multiple control network, which is building a service-oriented government in China rational route choice.
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