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The Team Management Research For Regional Sales Group In M Company

Posted on:2006-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155455252Subject:Business Administration
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With the arriving of the global economic integral and of the knowledge economy, the market environment have become very different comparing with any ages before. Thus, in order to adapt to the complicated competition environment, many big corporations have adopted a sort of organization construction—team, which is dynamic and agile. An effective team management would lead to a great deal of efficient result, including the marketing personnel with good training, rising team morale ,advancing ability to adapt and create, then improving the whole operative efficiency, resulting of more overturns ,more shares in the market, more profit and happy customers for the organization.According to the team management problems of the regional sales group in M company, this text takes researches as follow:1. Putting forward that M company should establish sales group based on regional separation, to advance the management efficiency .It would be directive for the sales group to separate.2. Analyzed the importance to effectively selection of sales employees, and the problems for employees recruitment in M company, proposing the requirements, ways, methods and usual mistakes in employee selection process, this proposal is reference to the recruitment of sales employees.3. Proposing some solutions as to the problem of the only method and content for employees training in M company .Such as the contents of training program addition of skills in sales team and computer assistance in marketing ability.4. Putting forward corresponded management behavior according to status quo for provocation in M company, by analyzing Marsroe need arrangement theory, and proposing solution for some encourage problems such as altiplano sales personnel ,It would be directive for the training program in the company.5. Supposing that it would be equity and incentive to adopt the design of breadth salary in M company, making salary management flat,by analyzing the problems of salary management in M company.6. Proposing some suitable and useful solutions for the problems of un-control management expenditures in M company—the difficulty in team management.7. Proposing some detail measures to evaluate the performance according to the status quo of performance assessment in M company, emphasizing that the team cooperation should be a part of the performance assessment. We could learn of ,by argument in this text, some usual problems a regional sales group might meet with and correspondent solutions, as well as some practical ability for sales management. There are some practical value for these arguments.
Keywords/Search Tags:sales region, team building, team management, performance assessment
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