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Research On Chinese Service-Oriented Government's Construction Based On The Social Public's Satisfaction

Posted on:2007-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360185974260Subject:Administrative Management
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The world-scope administrative reform movement beginning from the end of 1970s is one of the most significant actions of the governments all over the world. It is for dealing with the crisis of domestic finance, management and the trust, as well as the challenges from the globalization of economy, the multiplicity of world politics, the coming of knowledge economy and the development of information technology. This movement of"government re-designing"highlights"the public service"as the core and spiritual essence of government management, and emphasizes"the public's satisfaction"as the most important guiding principle. Therefore, it must be an important goal that some countries try to reinvent themselves to a service-oriented government to satisfy the public. At present, constructing a people-oriented, democratic, limited, effective, legalistic, transparent, responsible, satisfying government is the basic need of realizing people's basic, direct and realistic benefits and establishing a harmonious Communistic society. It is a long target in the reform of our government.In the article, many related thoughts and theories are inducted. Through analyzing the meanings of service-oriented government, based on the analysis of the evolution of our government pattern, we find that the serving government's construction is inevitable. Meanwhile, some barrier factors that influence the construction of serving government is also put forward.The social public's satisfaction has been proposed as the instructive idea of the whole text. Based on introduction of the model theory and experience of the construction of overseas'service-oriented government, as well as the national condition, some countermeasures have been raised for the construction of service-oriented government in our country.Altogether, this article has been divided into six parts. The first is the introduction of research background, significance as well as method, etc; The second is the elaboration of related theories and meanings; The third are the inevitability and significance of construction of the service-oriented government; The fourth are the situation of construction of the service-oriented government and barriers in the course...
Keywords/Search Tags:the satisfaction of social public, the service-oriented government, reform of government, the construction of the service-oriented government
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