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Township Civil Servant Incentive Problem Study Under New Public Service Theory

Posted on:2008-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215471127Subject:Administrative Management
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Our government management mode from "control-oriented " to "service-oriented" shift to a higher civil service, it is urgent need to create a clean, efficient, high-quality civil servant team, in the process how to incentive civil servant effectively, how to absorb and retain talented people to join the Civil Servant team and fully arouse the initiative and creativity of their work are the crux of the problem. This will involve the option of driving concept, incentive mechanism design and system implement perfect, the improvement of administrative environment and the organization itself and so on. Faced with such complexity and huge systematic project , this thesis regards Jiucang township Renhuai city Guizhou province as a reference system , connects with the actual conditions of China , chooses to analysis problems exist in the Jiucang township civil servant incentive from the perspective of new public service theory, then proposes a comprehensive incentive pattern , improves incentive mechanism . This article divides into five parts: First chapter elaborates the government of our country is transforming from "control-oriented " to "service-oriented", gives out the model significance of new public service theory in constructing service-oriented government; Second chapter clears about the official and government's relations, elaborates township official's responsibility under the service-oriented government, analyzes the realization of responsibility at present base on a case study, suggest need to consummate the incentive mechanism; Third chapter proposes the function of incentive in management, meanwhile points out the change of incentive under service-oriented government ,analyzes the problems exist in the incentive the mechanism of Jiucang township and these problems' universality ; Fourth chapter constructs the Jiucang township civil servant's incentive system pattern based on the new public service theory; Fifth chapter proposes the concrete countermeasure to consummate incentive mechanism in view of problems exist in the Jiucang township incentive mechanism. The innovations of this thesis are those making theoretical analysis from more update perspective, combining with empirical research methods, innovating the township Civil servant incentive mechanism under the concept of new public service and realizing multipliable synthesis incentive.
Keywords/Search Tags:new public service, township government, civil servant, incentive
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