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Reinventing Of The Government: The Transformation Of Chinese Government Function And Its Value Orientation

Posted on:2008-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J G BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242468380Subject:Economic Law
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Generally speaking, the government function refers to all kinds of responsibilities and functions the government performs in administration of political, economic and cultural affairs. In order to have a good understanding of questions relevant to the government function, the relationship between the government and the society should be mentioned first in the thesis, for the government is deeply rooted in the society, and to a certain extent, the transformation of the government function adapts to the development of the society. The social advancement has witnessed that the country, namely the government, is of great necessity for the development of human beings and a country is founded with the purpose of obtaining justice, fairness and order which guarantee the stable and healthy development of the society.As the socialist market economic regime established in China, the cause of socialism has come into the comprehensive development period and all kinds of reforms are in progress in an orderly way. Although the future is bright, we have to ponder deeply over a serious problem: our government is far from being powerful and strong, which is badly needed by the stable development of economy and the construction of a harmonious society. In other words, the planned economic system leaves us a large and weak government. "Large" refers to the large scale of the government and lots of affairs which the government takes charge of. "Weak" is embodied in the government invalidity, the high cost of administration and the poor ability to provide public services, due to the inappropriate structure of the government. Given the above facts, this thesis aims to explore a new mode of the government function which suits to China's national conditions and reflects the modern governance law and requirements.The thesis consists of four parts. Chapter One overviews the growth of the government function and the theories concerned from the angles of the country and the society. Chapter Two makes a general survey of the status quo of Chinese government function and analyzes its main problems as well as the reasons. Chapter Three makes an analysis of the challenges with which the government is confronted at the present stage, expounds the necessity of the transformation of our government function, makes a further exploration of the repositioning of the government function from the angle of axiology, and sets the objective—the establishment of a limited, highly efficient, responsible and transparent service-oriented government. Chapter Four explores the specific path to transform the government function. The author advocates that the transformation of Chinese government function must be on the basis of the principle of the rule by law and the government function must be withdrawn from the wrong place through the rational interaction between the government and the society; at the same time, the capacity for self-government should be improved and strengthened, and the focus of the government function should shift to the supply of public goods and the correction on the market failure so as to build the government function framework with the expectation of suiting to China's national conditions.
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