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A Textual Analysis Of The Transformation Of Government Functions

Posted on:2014-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The study of government function shows us some important questions such as what and how the government should do, what functions the government have and so on. On the one hand, government function regulates the basic direction, fundamental task and main role of the government activities. On the other hand, we could figure out the idea and pattern by which the government manages the economic and social activities. Analyzing the issues of the State Council Executive Meeting from2003to2012by text analysis, we find that there are different features on quantitative scale, phase characteristic, reality structure and the achieving means of the government function transformation. From the quantitative scale angle, firstly, desalinating the economic intervention and strengthening the public service is the overall trend of the government function transformation. Secondly, rationalizing the various relationships becomes the basis for the government function transformation. Thirdly, the reform of government institution and administrative approval is a breakthrough in the government function transformation. From the reality structure and the achieving means angle, firstly, the government does not exaggerate certain function, neglecting other functions, but fully carry out all of its functions. Except for that, the focus of the government function structure turns to the public service. Secondly, compared to maintain the balance of the total economy, the government’s economic regulation function focuses more on economic structure adjustment. The gravity center of the market regulatory role has transformed to system protector, market environment founder and fair arbiter transfer. When fulfilling the social functions, the government pays more attention to promote the role of the organization and coordination of government at all levels to play in the diversification governance body, and to achieve mutual assistance and cooperation between the different social groups through the system and institutional arrangements. Public service functions are mainly focused on the construction of public facilities, resources and environmental protection as well as basic medical and public health fields. Thirdly, during the performance of different functions, the government focuses on the macro and strategic role and also pays attention to the comprehensive application of the macro-control means. Behind the government function transformation, we could find the political shaping logic which consists of the pursuit of the governing legitimacy, building service-oriented government and practicing the new policy ideas.
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