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Analysis On The Governing Pattern Of Basic Unit Government In Our Country Villages And Towns

Posted on:2008-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242469422Subject:Administrative Management
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This article explores and analyses the governing pattern of the villages and towns' government in our country during the society transformation based on the historical analysis method, contrasting with that in China and in the West.Since the 1980s, with the globalization time and information time approaching, the government's governing transformation movement unceasingly becomes further and further. Along with the reform of the western government management system, the traditional government governing patterns become more and more unsuitable to the development of society. "Less rules, more governments" become the goals of many national reforms and developments. Since the 1990s, in the western political field, the "govern and good govern" theories become the goal of the country's reform and development. As a major developing nation, facing the complex international and domestic environment with globalization, in the crucial reform time and the social reforming time, which pattern should our country's government adopt to deal with all kinds of questions in the complex environment. It is an important task which our country's administration needs to solve in the current. Researching on these questions is also an urgent project which villages and towns government in our country need to face. This article explores the governing patterns in three chapters in lengths exhaustively and analyzes our country villages and towns' government.The first chapter mainly elaborates the origin of government theory and the connotation, the theory of the government-governing, as well as friendly governing. The government theory has emerged since the 1990s, rapidly developing and taking friendly governs as the goal orientation. The essence of government lies in the dominant mechanism, not depending upon the government authority or the sanction. The government goals is to guide, control and standardize citizen's all kinds of activities in each kind of different system relations using the right, promoting the public interests by maximum limit. The highest standard of government is to achieve the friendly governs. The theories of governs and friendly governs are to become the new theory and the new idea, which instruction various countries government reforms, and which provide our country with new important and the beneficial analysis angle. Taking friendly governs as the goal, the contemporary pattern of villages and towns government governs in China are supposed to make the positive adjustment and the transformation.The second chapter systematically elaborates reforming state of Chinese villages and towns government during social transformation in the contemporary time. Since the 1980s, with the economical rapid development and the technical level unceasing enhancement, the globalization advancement overall have presented the tendency which unceasingly speeds up to the various countries' government, and which remarkably influences the idea of management and the government models. In order to promote the country's competitive ability, to adapt technology transformation request, to stabilize government's validity, the various countries' governments have carried out the significant reform, forming to pursue the transformation government structure to govern the reform movement as the goal government. In the transformation from the planned economy system to the market economy system, our country governing pattern in the villages and towns government obtain the encouraging achievement, but still has many deficiency. Therefore, we have the necessity to practically feasibly explore the govern pattern of our country villages and towns government.The third chapter briefly introduces four kinds of governments patterns in the contemporary west through the new public management direction detection, of which government ideas have the reasonable side which may profit from, but must let it use well for me, must fully consider our country's realistic background. Because our country and the western nations have many differences in aspect of social system, economical political system as well as traditional administration culture, this had made our country villages and towns government's government transforms impossible to completely imitate the pattern of western developed country the government, but must explore the pattern suitable to the national condition and adapting the present era tidal of the govern pattern in the current villages and towns government. In order to cater to the development of the socialism harmonious society, to realize society harmonious government, the author proposed the pattern of platform-multi-dimension cooperation, governing villages and towns government, the model of serving villages and towns government and the limited liability villages and towns government governing pattern based on the reality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Harmonious society, Basic unit government, Government pattern, Friendly governs, Public service
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