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Research On The System Of "Open Recommendation And Selection"

Posted on:2009-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C T ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242495467Subject:Public Management
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The System of"Open Recommendation and Selection", as a policy of selection of local officials first implemented in Jiangsu Province, has turned out to have a good effect and has been widespread throughout the country with constant experiments and improvements. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have a further study on how to make it more standard and more effective, which can promote the political reform on cadre management. And it is of great theoretical and practical significance to strengthen and perfect the cadre and personnel selecting system.Based on the present study findings of the System of"Open Recommendation and Selection", the author will apply the systematic theory to account for the process of its production and development, its structure and its effects. It is hopeful that a precise analysis can be made on its theoretical logic and structure. The author will also try to explore and acquire its internal rules, analyze the existing problems and work out its solution.This essay first introduces the prevailing system of cadre selection with focuses on the process of how the system of"Open Recommendation and Selection"started and developed; analyzes the foundation of its production; makes a comparative study on the differences among"Imperial Examination System","Western Civil Service System"and"Open Recommendation and Selection System".This essay further presents the principles of"Open Recommendation and Selection System"and its theoretical system, its target, its management, its methods, its procedures. Briefly the essay illustrates its operating methods, and a case study is presented in this essay.In addition to the analysis on its theory, reflecting on the prevailing"Open Recommendation and Selection System", the author summarizes its creativity and the existing problems as well, and then analyzes its reasons for the problems in terms of belief, cost, interests, system and technology. Finally five solutions are proposed as follows: deepening the theoretical study and strengthening its guidance to practice; changing the belief on cadre selection and developing a proper outlook; accelerating the building of system and perfecting the theoretical system; reforming the cadre evaluation system and optimizing the system and reducing operating system.
Keywords/Search Tags:cadre, cadre selection, system of"Open Recommendation and Selection"
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