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Research On The System Of Leaders' Selection & Assessment With "Open Recommendation And Selection"

Posted on:2012-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330338996532Subject:Administrative Management
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The"Open Recommendation and Selection"is a cadre selection mode with the way of public recommendation and open selection. When it is first implemented in Jiangsu Province in 2003 year, various regions learned from Jiangsu'experience, and then improved and perfected it and had a good effect. The"Open Recommendation and Selection", as an innovative model of cadre selection, breaks the traditional "closed-door official election", and realizes the situation of"most people select officials among the majority of people". Practice shows that this model has a marked effect on the cadre selection to put an end to corruption and motivate talented people quickly come to the fore. Besides it has important practical significance for deepening our cadre system reform.Based on the present factual aspects of the"Open Recommendation and Selection"in china, the author throughout a comprehensive analysis on the content and its'operation mechanism is in order to search for its'innovation compared with the traditional official selection models. Based on the research of this model's innovation and demonstration of its achievement of Jiangsu's practice, this paper so as to prove the effectiveness and science of the"Open Recommendation and Selection", meanwhile dialectically expound its existing problems and deficiencies. Combined with cadre's comprehensive quality requirements and its'selection steps, at first the author analysis the theoretical basis and the guiding principle of this system, and then puts forward the design idea of selection and assessment system, which is setting different index system in four processes and giving index certain weights and scores, at last designing the mathematical model of selection and assessment of"Open Recommendation and Selection". This system transforms the qualitative evaluation to quantitative evaluation of public sector'human resource.Finally, this paper gives suggestions for the scientifically implementing of this selection model combined with the practice. Pointing out the operation method of this system and designing two selected scheme, the author at the end of this paper takes some advices for this system's practice and perfection in order to guild the implement of the"Open Recommendation and Selection"in china.
Keywords/Search Tags:system of"Open Recommendation and Selection", leaders and cadres, cadre selection, quality assessment
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