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On The System Of Party And Government Cadres Open Selection In China

Posted on:2014-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395995795Subject:Political Theory
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Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, China’s leadership cadre selection and appointment system for ongoing reform and improvement have made considerable progress in many aspects. In all the significant progress, creating and establishing party and government open selection system can be called one of the biggest breakthrough, even can be described as the most fundamental reform. Open selection system largely overcome the disadvantages of traditional selection methods, such as the excessive concentration of rights of appointment and promotion, narrow field view of selection of personnel, the general public participation is not high level, effective supervision is not enough, a variety prevalence of unhealthy practices of selection and employment, Good talent is hard to stand out from the crowd.China’s leadership cadre selection and appointment system inherited the Revolution cadre selection and appointment system and the people’s army cadre management and appointment system, learned a lot from the Soviet Union. The cadre selection and appointment system basically meet the needs of the party and the country leading cadres, selected a large number of party and government cadres talents for China’s socialist modernization. This cadre selection and appointment systems experienced the founding of the establishment, operation, destruction and restore. In the process of recovery and development, The Open Selection gradually established and developed, experienced nurture budding, formed in the mid-1980s, the party and the state establish the implementation. The practice of open selection system is not a fixed uniform pattern but flow into a variety of modes.Open selection system of party and government is not just as a simple physical presence, but more importantly as a dynamic course of the campaign run.We must analyse some basic elements of the system, because certain institutional structure system is a form of the various elements that constitute a system of centralized and unified reality. Open selection system is divided into open selection criteria and qualifications to determine, open enrollment and qualification of democratic recommendation, examination and evaluation, investigation by the organization to discuss the decision with the appointment of several elements.Jiangsu is walking in the forefront of the country in the implementation of the system of open selection of party and government cadres.Since2000Jiangsu have carried out five large-scale open selection and management.we choose two cases of2000and2010for better understanding of the practice of open selection. We analyzes the internal difficulties and external environmental barriers encountered in the process the open selection of the implementation, and proposed a number of recommendations, such as strengthening the open selection theory research efforts to give more scientific theoretical guidance for open selection; strengthening public opinion guidance to establish community open selection a proper perspective; improving the supporting system of open selection methodology; optimizing system implementation to reduce the open selection operating costs.
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