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Institution Analysis On The Performing Implementation Of Public Policies In Our Country

Posted on:2009-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N QuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242984851Subject:Administrative Management
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The public policy is the government for solving public question, achieving the public goal, and after the legalization process to form. Howerer, the policy-making is not equal to the solution, only through the effective execution, that can guarantee the policy goal realization; Thererfore the system construction and institutional innovation become essentially important method and impetus of social progress and the harmonious society's establishment.This papper mainly takes the contradiction which exists during the policy implemention as the logical beginning and it analyzes from a new view of institution to study the public policy implemention. Then this papper mainly uses the system analytic method and the public choice theory, take the empirical analysis as auxiliary. Firstly to introduce the basic concept and the theory about institution analysis, analyze the experience of policy situation, enumerate the present policy excution situation. Finding out that at present it still exists the question about hight cost, unadwanced way, unfair standard and low control power. As the reason of the institution, that is because the formal system's drawback, the formal system's shortage, and ignoring the unformal system. So aiming in public policy execution the question, from the innovation policy execution's organizational structure system, the science formulation division of powers system, perfecting adjustment mechanism, strengthening public policy execution's monitoring system, thinking much of the unofficial system to improve the efficiency of implementation. The papper finally carrys out a concrete case about the new rural cooperatives medical service policy in DaLian.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public policy, Effective implementation, Institution analysis, Informal institution
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