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A Tentative Analysis Of Public Selecting Cadre Of Changsha

Posted on:2009-11-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242998905Subject:Public Management
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Since the reformation and opening, the cadre system in China has innovated and achieved dramatic success. One of the most outstanding accomplishments is setting up and implementing the policy of the Public Cadre Recruitment System (PCRS), which is choosing leading cadres from the public. As a developing and promising policy, the PCRS is gradually becoming the main body of national cadres electing system, because of the attributes of its publicity, competition, science and integration. Upon this background, to research the issue of PCRS in Changsha is full of practical value.In the beginning of this article, it introduces the generating and developing process of PCRS in China. By comparing and analyzing the PCRS with the old Chinese imperial examination system, the western civilian recruitment system and all kinds of actual Chinese cadre recruitment systems, this article also discusses the impersonality and inevitability of PCRS and its remaining primary disadvantages. Afterwards, via studying the developing status of PCRS in Changsha, the author pondered over the practical shortcomings, pursuing the reasons caused these shortcomings, and actively searched for the methods and way to sort out these problems. Through the research, the author hopes this article can help the PCRS and affect the innovation of cadre recruiting system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cadres, Leading cadres, the system of selection and appointment of cadres, the system of public selection and appointment of cadres
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