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Studying About The Public Selection System For Leading Cadres Of The Party And Government

Posted on:2009-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245978867Subject:Administrative Management
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The report of 17th National Congress of the CPC pointed out, be going to deepen the reform of cadre and personnel system unceasingly, and making effort to bring up a contingent of highly qualified cadres and the talented person team, and conforming to the principle of subordination of all cadres to the leadership of the Party, conforming to principles of democratic, open-to-public, equal, competitive and choose-the-best selection, and forming science mechanism of cadre selection and appointment. The Public Selection System for Leading Cadres of the Party and Government is an important institutional innovation in the process of cadre and personnel system reforming.With theoretical analysis and practical investigation, this monograph systematically studies the Public Selection System for Leading Cadres of the Party and Government Making retrospect of developing course, classify the process into four stages; Discussing the significance and value; Comparing the Public Selection System with Chinese Ancient Imperial Examination system, the western Civil Service system, appointing system, empanelling system, the civil servant testing and admitting system; Summing up and comparatively analyzing five kinds patterns of public selection; Studying the system of the Public Selection System, including leading and organizing system, procedure system, technology and method system and superintend system; Based on the theoretical analysis and case studying, combining with practice of the public selection, analyzing problem and deficiency in the Public Selection System, then being aimed at providing theory and technology propping up, investigating the approach and Countermeasure of improving the Public Selection System.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cadres, Leading Cadres, the System of Selection and Appointment of Cadres, the Public Selection System for Leading Cadres
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