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Research On The Public Selection System For Leading Cadres Of Tanggu District

Posted on:2008-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245493831Subject:Public Management
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In the new century, the leading cadre selection and appointment system reform of the Party and government has become not only the emphases of the cadre system reformation in my country, but the core of the political restructuring. How to reform and perfect the leading cadre selection and appointment system of the Party and government,to select and appoint leading cadres of the Party and government scientifically and rationally, are put on the agenda of the cadre work. There has a review about the history of the Chinese official selection and appointment system The paper introduces the reality of our leading cadre selection and appointment system of the Party and government, mainly makes a research about the realistic form of the system, and then points out the reasons for the existing questions and drawbacksThe paper discussed the basic frame of the system reform and improvement, concentrating on the trends and tasks of the system. To reform and perfect the system with a view to making it scientific, democratic and institutionalized and with basic tasks to innovate notions, to build supporting systems, to apply selection and appointment techniques scientifically. At the same time, the selection and appointment should be based on fair social public opinions, persist in and improve the principle of the Party'supervision over cadres, and the principle to rule the country by law; strengthen public selection system, reinforce supervision system, bring recall system into effect, restructure administrative system to improve the whole cadre system.The paper discussed the relation between structure and function, constructed the rational structural system of the public selection system for leading cadres. It is a four-in-one structural system combined with qualification determination and observation system, examination system, assessment system, and appointment system.At last, the paper also studied on the practices of open selected section-chief rank leading cadres faced to society in Tang-gu district.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reform of cadres system, Open selection and appointment, Leading cadres, Tang-gu district, Practice
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