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The Research On The System Of Open Selection Of Leading Cadres In China

Posted on:2015-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330431485907Subject:Foreign political system
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Open selection of leading cadres is the Chinese a new way of leadership cadreselection and appointment, was created in the mid1980s, has the characteristics offairness, scientific nature, competitive and comprehensive. It adheres to the traditionalway of cadre selection and appointment of the communist party of China’s basicprinciple, opened a new system of personnel selection and appointment of is ourcountry one of the important achievements of the cadre and personnel systeminnovation in the new period, to activate and rich the cadre and personnel systemreform of our country has a powerful driving force.As the leading cadres in our country in recent years, the selection range andquantity of gradually expanding, open selection of leading cadres in the runningprocess also exposed some problems cannot be ignored. Such as the exam content hasa lot of one-sided; Test in the form of a single, pertinence is not strong, the lack of jobanalysis; Time-consuming, the cost is too large; The selection process and inadequateinformation disclosure. How to solve these problems, in the cadre selection must facea major task and cracking, which will help the smooth implement of the reform of thecadre system reform and political system. In this paper, by reference to all aspects ofthe research results, on the premise of deepening the reform of the cadre andpersonnel system, studies the system evolution process of selecting the leading cadresin our country, analyzes the system content and principle of selecting the leadingcadres, and points out the necessity of the system of selecting the leading cadres andhave achievements. Finally, the article analyzes the currently existing in theimplementation of open selection of party and government leading cadres system inChina constraints, such as negative factors of Chinese traditional culture concept,political interest groups of different levels and system supporting factors, and putsforward the corresponding countermeasure, to provide theoretical and technicalsupport for the practice of open selection process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cadres, The System of Seleetion and Appointment of Cadres, The Public Selection System for Leading Cadres
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