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China Open Selection Of Leading Cadres System

Posted on:2002-07-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H F WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065450400Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Since reformation and opening to outside world, Chinese cadre-system has continuously been undergoing reform and received prominent achievements, among which prominently is the public selection system for leading cadres (PSSLC). It, as a kind of Cadres Selection and Appointment system (CSAS) with rich vitality in the period of growing-up, is gradually becoming a nation-wide principal system because of its public, scientific, comprehensive and feasible features. The dissertation focuses its study on the problems of evolution, doctrine and practice of PSSLC in China.First, the dissertation discusses the status of CSAS in socialist politics with Chinese characteristics, laying a basic analysis frame for the whole paper. The dissertation argues that CSAS, as a specific political institution belonging to the category of political superstructure, serves and is decided by social economic basis, interacting with the other factors of political superstructure at the same time. In the great cause of developing socialist with Chinese characteristics, CSAS enjoys an important position and functions in our socialist system because leading cadres are responsible for a department, even a area, and play a critical role in our social and national life. Democratic politics is an essential feature of socialist politics with Chinese characteristics. CSAS effects greatly to promote the development of democratic politics and in turn must fit in with the basic requirement and direction of it. Political party system is a principle system in any modern social political system. Chinese political party system is the multi-party cooperation system under the leadership of Chinese Communism Party (CCP) and is one of the important contents of socialist politics with Chinese characteristics. Viewed from its relation with Chinese political party system, the CSAS is in conformity with our political party system in terms of its foundation and development. Therefore, its further reform and development is inevitably regulated and restricted by our political party system, that is it must be favorable to the consolidation of CCP as the party in power. All of these are the basic ground on which we conduct our research on the historical evolution of our CSAS, the theory and practice of PSSLC.Second, the dissertation studies the development and evolution of CSAS after the foundation of the nation and the creation process of PSSLC according to the above mentioned analysis frame. The dissertation argues that the CSAS is gradually established by CCP with the appointment system as its principal part in accordance with the needs of socialist revolution and development cause after the foundation of the nation. CSAS inherits the election-appointment system for cadres and military officers at revolutionary bases in the period of new democratic revolution, and absorbs the experience of the former Soviet Union. It also undergoes an evolution process of built-up, operation, damage, recovery and innovation and is developed into the current recommendation-appointment system. A lot of qualified personnel are conveyed to our socialist revolution and development cause through CSAS. It meets basically the needs of our party and the nationfor leading cadres in various periods after the foundation of the nation, and provides firm organizational guarantee for the enforcement of the party's basic lines, guiding principles and policies. However, CSAS emerges and develops in the context of meeting the special requirement and condition of the socialist planning economy and centralized and integrated political system. With the development of socialist market economy and democratic politics, the recommendation-appointment system gradually can not meet the needs of socialist modernization and development cause for qualified leading personnel. Up comes its serious malpractice of lacking reasonable deployment mechanism of qualified leading personnel, good competition mechanism, scientific discrimination mechanism and effective supervision mechanism for selectio...
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