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Research Of Community Fire Control Management Modes In China

Posted on:2009-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Now it is the critical time of fire safety situation,as the economy and society is undergoing profound changes in china. In order to improve our ability of fire defense and curb the occurrence of catastrophic fire effectively, how to fire an organic integration into the new community management system that is facing a major issue of fire control. The most effective measures of fire defense capability is used the community fire control management mode appropriately.Community fire management system manage community fire control by a variety of means, ways , which combine elements of the community known as community fire control management modes.In present, different communities are also exploring different models of community fire control management according to their characteristics .But capacity of fire prevention in the community management is also less effect. China's fire prevention in the community management modes are below:1.The government-led management mode. Community fire management for government agencies to set up full-time or part-time fire supervisors, fire supervisors on the staff of the community units, such as residential fire supervision and inspection work, to urge the elimination of the potential of fire. Funding for community fire address the cost of government subsidies. Government-led management of community fire safety rules and regulations of better management, in the solid backing of the power of the role of government functions, the formation of the latter to the main block for each of the Fire Management Network, for a long time Plays a central role in fire management organization has a foundation for more adequate funding to carry out regular fire inspection and supervision of the publicity and education activities. However, the scope of such communities is so wide, fire control management workload, The fire control management is difficult to carry out an in-depth. Fire control community planning and construction unreasonable. Most of the fire community has not planned or not reasonable norms. The fire channel spacing fire, fire water, electricity, communications planning and construction of the existing norms do not meet the standards.2.The unit management mode. Securer is a part-time supervision and inspection of fire, who is responsible for day-to-day fire safety management, maintenance of fire safety facilities. Community Fire expenditure is mainly in charge of financial institutions. As the residents of the community with a staff of the unit, the community of fire management can be carried out in-depth, fire supervision and inspection personnel to the community environment, the staff are familiar with, to discover the potential of fire, can be effectively eliminated. In the event of a fire, in time for organizations to fight the blaze. But the securer fire operations personnel level is low. It is difficult to get funding for community fire protection.3. The based property management mode. Fire control is managed by the property management company. communities have full-time or part-time fire administrator. And they set up the security component of the obligation to fire. The obligatable firefighters discover the potential of fire. The fire service community expenditure is charged from the property management fees, as well as after discounting the effect of the district maintenance fund. In this type of community, the fire control planning and construction of fire facilities are relatively completed .with a full-time or part-time fire managers from the security obligations, communities have part-time firefighters, they are responsible for supervision and inspection. Fire managers and firefighters are trained by the fire agencies, they is more familiar with the business.of fire control.Property management companies make profit for their exist. Fire facilities maintenance funding ends meet. It is difficult to ensure funding for the fire control. Property management functions is not clear, the management of the fire control is not in place.4.The community-based management mode. Community fire control is managed by neighborhood and the village committee. Zhian Yuan is as obligatable firefighters. The obligatable firefighters eliminate the potential of fire. The neighborhood or village committee manages fire control in a wide range. Neighborhood, the village committee annual budget have funding for the fire control, fire control fund can be guaranteed.However, the fire service community network "top-heavy",.It is why the fire control difficult to be regular work..Community fire management system is flawed and fire inadequate infrastructure.Western developed countries and developed regions in terms of community attached great importance to the work of the fire control. And fire prevention in the community management modes has more in-depth studies to obtain a better effect. Their management models are below:1, Public participation management mode. The United States as representatives of the community to carry out the work of the fire control is the people. Government agencies use community education on fire prevention publicity, the establishment of community obligations by the fire control, as well as volunteers from their community to eliminate the risk of fire and fight The initial fire.2, Local autonomous managemen mode t. In Germany, Japan, the state does not set special agency. The independent management of local governments is responsible for fire control. Community management of the fire control is taken charged by the volunteer fire station volunteer firefighters. Community fire control is funded by the Government allocated.3, Self-management mode. To the Taiwan region as a representative of the community fire from the main body of fire for guidance, the obligation to carry out auxiliary firefighters were good publicity. And the owners do a good job of self-management to prevent the fire broke out. Government fund for a special budget as fire control. government and the consortium support The prevention of various non-governmental .According to China's national conditions and to learn from developed countries and regions in the fire control management community, our government will be to guide the masses to participate in community-based fire management. That is, Governments at the grassroots levels on fire prevention in the community for guidance, neighborhood committees, village committees to carry out spot checks on the work of the fire control, property management companies to set up fire brigade obligation, the obligation to eliminate the potential of fire for firefighters to fight the blaze, as well as the beginning of fire, residents as a volunteer fire workers and so on to help property management companies fire management, property management and monitoring, everyone involved in the management of the fire, Fire Elimination of loopholes in management in a timely manner to eliminate the potential of fire. This community of fire prevention in the fire management funding comes mainly from property management companies charge for property management, the Government is responsible for urban infrastructure, the cost of the fire and the other part of the business carried out by the sponsor.Accounding to the economic is developing unblaced in china, the government-led management mode, The unit management mode , The based property management mode, The community-based management mode will be co-exist in a long period time. The government guiding and participation of the masses mode will be used in Chinese community fire control management with improving the infrastructure of fire control and raised people's fire control awareness.
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