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The Facing Problems And Strategies Research Of Transforming Our Government Functions

Posted on:2009-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275485872Subject:Public Management
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In administration system, joining the function,structure and forms together is an important part or fact. Founction is the beginning . Government function is the basic problem of the chain of command. It is the realistic beginning of all the government activities. Government officialdom comes from government function.All the other parts of government come from the founction.The aim of the government function is true or not,it is the key of how to officiate in a right way and how to give people proper effection. Government function is the precondiction and basic of the government existence.Govemment can achieve the government functions. The chain of command is the system ensure of the government functions course. The chain of command innovation is a long and changing period. Changing the government functions is a main subject of impenetrating the course. Continuing the organization innovation is an important task of deepening the chain of command.The organization innovation must be based on the government functions changing. It goes along with the government functions changing. As the whole world economic is developing,, socialist economy is bcoming more and more perfect,socialist politics is gradually consummating, People's requirements are getting more and more because of the economic development and the need of the creature comfort, they strongly urge government functions to change from controlling into serving.Try their best to found a serving government. At present, our government functions hasn't changed completely. Adminnistration department sometimes offsides , absents and slips when they are officiating. There are some blind spots of the government on how to adjust economy, how to manage market and so on. There are many points that we need go on studying .This is the aim of the passage.According to go over the history course of The 16th Demotic Congress,mostly analyse the achievement and the problems of the government functions changing and the facing posture. Author adopts literature methord, comparing method and deduction method.Depend on some experience of the overnment functions orientation in western countries.Base on the situation of socialistic primary period in our country Use some Chinese special socialistic theory. Analyse the guidance thought , basic principle ,theroy base ,realistic need and basic methods of government functions changing in this period. If we want to realize the government functions changing.We must obey the socientific development, to build a harmonious society , be based on the aim of the socialistic economy.Change from microcosmic management to macroscopical management, from department management to industry management, from direct management to indirect management, from controlling to serving , try our best to build a high efficiency serving government.The article revealed that the key of the deepening the chain of command innovation is the government functions changing.The government functions changing incarnates functions key points and functions relationship and so on.We must grasp five key points for deepening the government functions changing whenever it is.First inaugurate government theory, consolidate the serving thought.Second, according to build a harmonious society, be based on the aim of the socialistic economy, concentrste more on government socialistic manage and public serving functions. Third, according to the requirement of socialist economy, do our best to carry out some principles. Fourth, according to some requirement of the nomocracy country, correctly do some administration actions, completely do some administration actions by law. Five, according to the requirement of the serving government , officiate the changing system of examine and approve, the changing of the government management ways will be changed.
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